National Blood Transfusion Service
National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) is established in Sri Lanka in 1950s and is an integral part of the National Health Service. The main function of NBTS is to collect, process and deliver safe blood, blood components and blood products through 19 cluster centres and 77 peripheral blood banks situated island wide.

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Do you want to organize a blood donor camp?

By organizing a blood donor camp you can give your society the chance to donate blood. I is not that difficult or expensive to organize such a camp in your area or work place. Just click here to get the details.

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To ensure the quality, safety, adequacy and cost effectiveness of the blood supply and related laboratory, clinical, academic and research services in accordance with national requirements and WHO recommendations.


To be a unique model for the world securing quality assured blood services, through a nationally coordinated system.

World blood donor day was celebrated on June 14th 2016.

The world blood donor day which fell on 14th June 2016 was celebrated in grand level at BMICH. 1500 voluntary blood donors and campaign organizers were felicitated there.

100% of our donors are voluntory, non remunerated donors.

Recently NBTS Sri Lanka proudly anounced that we have 100% voluntory blood donor base. Achievement of this figure is only a dream to all developing countries and most of the developped countries. We as Sri Lankan can be proud of this acheivement just because of your dedication.

Your precious donation of blood can save as many as 3 lives.

Blood consists of several components.
  • Cells - Red blood cells, White blood cells, Platelets.
  • Liquids - Plasma, Proteins
A donated whole blood unit is usually separated into components before given to a patient. These separate components are given to different patients with different needs. So one donated whole blood unit can save as many as 3 lives.

You can donate blood in every 4 months.

Blood is the only organ that can be donated without having any permanent loss. This is because the donated blood will be recovered completely in maximum 4 months time.