Welcome to the Official Site of the James S. Johnson Chapter of the Snow Canyon National Honor Society
Being a Part of National Honor Society

  • Maintain at least a 3.75 cumulative GPA
  • Commit to attend 2/3 of meetings
  • Returning members: 35 Personal, 5 Homework Help, and 5 Chapter hours
  • New Members: 25 Personal, 5 Homework Help (1 hour at school, 4 on your own), and 5 Chapter hours
  • Pay required dues
  • Maintain high standards :)
You can log your hours online in the "forms" section, or turn in a paper form to the NHS bulletin board outside of room 210
Meet Your Council

Megan Magleby        -     President
Cole Mcfadden        -      Vice-President
Austin Meyer             -      Secretary
William Harrison   -     Historian 
Jedediah Jensen        -      Publicity

Ms. Oberhansley      -      Advisor

If you need hours talk to the Council.
If you have not payed your admission fee, then you will not receive a graduation stole.
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