Smanski Stitches was originally conceived to provide Chicago land reenactors with more options and higher quality for their Civil War reenacting needs.  We offer a high degree of customization to suit the individual's requirements while adhering to historic accuracy.  Currently we are focusing on Western Confederate uniforming, however we are more than happy to expand beyond what we currently offer. 

To place an order email or call at:

Phone - (630) 830-4873

Email - SmanskiStitches@gmail.com

If you wish to place an order in person, I will be at events which the 154th Tenn. Infantry is attending. http://tenninfantry154.squarespace.com/


Our Jean Wool comes from one of two locations,                                               B & B Tart http://www.bentart.com/index.html                                          William Booth Draper    http://wmboothdraper.com/

       Many of the items we offer have two prices associated with them.  The first is for a garment that has been largely machine sewn, but still has hand sewn buttonholes.  The second is for a garment that has all the visible stitching done by hand. 


Sewing machines were available during the Civil War, and there are numerous originals which are machine sewn, though hand sewing was more prevalent during this time.  There was also a machine for sewing button holes, however they looked nothing like modern button holes and was not available outside of major industries.  Therefore, we are hand sewing all button holes on all garments.