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An American Concerto
(2004) - Three movements for trumpet and orchestra. Written for B-flat trumpet. There is also a piano reduction version. Commissioned and premiered by Ashley Hall and the Northwest Florida Symphony Orchestra, Demetrius Fuller, Music Director.

Solo trumpet/2-2-2-2-/2-0-3-1/2 percussion/strings

The City (2013) - One movement in different sections which describe a city: Street Scene, The City at Night, Street Performers, and The 'L." A synthesis of jazz and classical music. Written for B-flat trumpet

Solo trumpet/2-2-2-2/4-2-3-1/timpani/3 percussion/strings (10')

Concerto for Tuba (1991) - Three movements which displays the tuba in an heroic sense. Written for CC tuba. The orchestral version and a piano reduction are both published by The Tuba Press. Recorded by Timothy Buzbee and the Iceland Symphony Orchestra on the Albany lablel. [Tuba Euphonium Press] Demo

Solo tuba/1-0-1-1/1-1-1-0/2 percussion/strings (16')

Javarella (2002) - Three movements for marimba and orchestra. Commissioned by Jane Varella.

Solo marimba/1-1-1-1/1-0-0-bass trombone- 0/1 percussion/strings (14')

Mystic Edges (1992) - Three movements which "play the edges" musically. Incorporates some jazz elements.

Solo English horn/1-0-1-1/1-1-bass trombone-0/2 percussion/harpsichord/strings (19')

Places Past (2015) - Three movements for clarinet and chamber orchestra 

Solo clarinet/1-1-0-1/2-0-1-0/2 percussion//strings (12')

Songs of Esther (1994) - Based on the biblical story of Esther. Consists of four movements: I. Mordecai's Dream, II. Hamon's Plot, III. Esther's Song, and IV. Aheurus' Decree.

Solo oboe/1-0-1-1/1-1-1-1/harp/strings (15')

Visions and Revelations (1989) - A colorful work based on the vision of St. John. Recorded by Richard Chenoweth and the Czech Radio Symphony. A band version is also available. Both versions are available from Lauren Keiser Music Publishing. Demo

Solo horn.1-0-0-1/0-1-1-1/ 2 percussion/piano-celesta/strings (16')