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Brass Solo

Blue Soliloquy (1999) unaccompanied horn [Pasticcio Music] Demo
The City (2014) - trumpet and piano Recorded by Daniel Zehringer. Demo
Concerto for Trumpet (1984) - trumpet and piano
Concerto for Tuba (1991) - tuba and piano [The Tuba-Euphonium Press]
Danzas (2010) - solo trombone, piano, double bass and two percussion
Dunbariana (2012) - solo trombone, piano, banjo and optional narrator [Pasticcio Music]
Eastwind Variations (2002) - solo trumpet and MIDI - First Prize in International Trumpet Guild Composition Competition [Pasticcio Music] Demo
Fanfare for Thoreau (2004) - unaccompanied trumpet
Fantasy on a Hymn by William Bradbury (2010) - tuba and piano [Prairie Dawg Press]
Fireside Tango (2009) - trombone and piano [Pasticcio Music]
Flights of Imagination  (1986) - horn and string quartet: 1 violin, 2 violas and 1 cello - Winner of International Horn Society Composition Competition Demo
High Veld Sunrise (2004) - horn and MIDI [Pasticcio Music]
Night Skies (2005) - unaccompanied euphonium [Pasticcio Music]
Psalm 4 (2020)- trombone and organ
Reflections on Quoheleth (1988) - unaccompanied trumpet [Pasticcio Music] Recorded by Daniel Zehringer. Demo
Stargazer (1996) - trumpet and piano [Pasticcio Music] Demo
Theme and Variations on a Hymn by Philip Bliss (2010) - euphonium and piano [Prairie Dawg Press]
Three Moods (Continuance) (1979) - horn and piano [Pasticcio Music] Demo
Three Movements for Tuba and Piano (1979) - tuba and piano [Pasticcio Music]
A Time For... (1991) - unaccompanied tuba [Pasticcio Music] Demo
A Time For More (2014) - unaccompanied tuba [Pasticcio Music] Demo