About Us

The Storm Lake Area Unitarian Universalist Association is a lay-led congregation. We held our first Sunday services in April of 2004 in the home of Carol Lytle, one of three Storm Lake UU founders, along with Rita Lyman of Cherokee and Gregg Bieber of Storm Lake. Since then we have become a legal non-profit entity in the State of Iowa, organized a Board of Trustees, adopted bylaws, and have become an Emerging Congregation of the Prairie Star District of the Unitarian Universalist Association


We are an open and caring congregation, providing a spiritual sanctuary for those who wish to embrace a liberal faith. We affirm the principles of Unitarian Universalism, which inspire us to nurture and educate our membership, encourage the exploration and practice of progressive religious thought, and support the spirit of creativity. Our mission extends outward as we strive to be a positive presence for a more ethical, just and compassionate society.

The Board of Trustees
  • President: Carol Lytle
  • Vice-President: Alice Klinzman
  • Secretary: Gary Dannenbring
  • Treasurer and Board Member: Gene Lindgren
  • Board Member: Craig Ashmore
  • Board Member: Dave Brueck