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Skipwalls is an application for requesting and providing advice in a particular way: are anonymous
Why anonymous?
Because there are those looking for a "clean" pure and healthy interest free advice.
There are also those who want help with advice selflessly and impartially.
How does it work?
    1. Downloads application on your Android device
    2. Install it
    3. You register by entering the requested code (which receive) or as user "Casual"
    4. Ready! You can now claim and provide advice.
          • Your Skipwalls is always with you, on your tablet or smartphone. It was developed for Android devices.
          • Skipwalls sends and receives all communications anonymously:
            • because you are directly identified with a number that has nothing to do with you,
            • and any personal or location information is not stored.
          • You can be a user "Casual" or "Registered"
            • if you are a "casual" user you have some limitations as to not cause system overload,
            • if you are a user "Registered" is because you have worked with system maintenance.
          Everything flows only

          • Reviews so you can improve: When you offer advice, who asked simply assigned a rating so that you can improve the way you do.
          • Discard bad intentions: Skipwalls flows only, if you write a request for advice or misconduct brindas one who receives it shall indicate this and your account will be blocked immediately.
          • Takes a third party: users at random from those offered to provide advice and asked to evaluate those listed as malicious are selected. As a result you can lock or unlock any of the users involved.
          • Collaboration of all: If Skipwalls is saturated with queries, relying on the cooperation of those who are seeking advice to also provide.