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What is S.K.I.P.?

Statement of Purpose

How does it work?

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What is S.K.I.P.?

S.K.I.P., founded in August 1998, is a Seattle-area support group for people dealing with substance abuse problems that embraces:

- Knowledge

- Choice

- Empowerment

- Self-discovery

- Individuality

- Responsibility

- Growth

Statement of Purpose

- Provide members access to as much information as possible on substance abuse

- Promote empowerment rather than powerlessness, control rather than lack of control

- Motivate members to seek out, question and discuss the nature and causes of their substance abuse problems

- Embrace each member’s ability to think and act for themselves, respecting their opinion as their own individual truth

- Provide a confidential, supportive, and open (non-doctrinal) environment that fosters self-discovery and growth.

- Inform members about all alternative recovery methods/techniques so that they may decide for themselves which, if any, would be most helpful
   towards their own recovery

- Educate the public and the treatment industry at large on alternative methods of recovery.

How does it work?

You Make It Work

Recovery doesn’t just happen to you. You make recovery happen.

Self Education

S.K.I.P. provides access to a wealth of information on substance abuse. (An extensive reading list is available.)

Members are encouraged to educate themselves about addiction in order to fully understand the nature of their own individual problem and how best to overcome it. This is accomplished through thoughtful discussion, reading and sharing books, newspaper and magazine articles, listening to audiotapes, viewing DVDs/videotapes, and occasionally listening and discussing specific topics with scheduled speakers.


S.K.I.P. meetings are confidential and members are encouraged to express their thoughts openly and honestly without fear of recrimination. All opinions are respected in S.K.I.P. as that persons own individual truth. In S.K.I.P. self-discovery is the goal. Honest sharing is the key.


S.K.I.P. acknowledges that addiction is a complex condition, resulting from many factors and that people abuse alcohol and other drugs for a variety of reasons. Emphasis is placed on the individual to understand the nature of their own problem and do whatever is necessary to overcome it.


It is a process of empowerment rather than powerlessness. Armed with self-confidence and new skills, members are able to end their addiction and move on with their lives, consciously and with integrity, fully appreciative of the benefits of sobriety. This is a key element of S.K.I.P. In order for people to commit to sobriety they must first respect what sobriety has to offer. Our hope for all members of S.K.I.P. is that rather than saying "I can't drink/use” they might one day honestly be able to say “I had a substance abuse problem but my life has been profoundly changed by living sober—therefore I choose not to drink/use.” S.K.I.P. is one of the only non-doctrinal self-help groups available where rather than being provided “The Answer” members are encouraged to come up with their own—answers that make sense to them. Therefore S.K.I.P. does not subscribe to any one method of treatment but rather embraces choice and the ability of the individual to discern what is most appropriate for them.

Other Meetings

S.K.I.P. is a source for all alternative support groups in the Puget Sound area. New members receive an updated meeting schedule and information on each group's method including information on other methods not presently represented here in the event someone would like to start a meeting of their own. Members are encouraged to check out meetings and attend those they find most helpful towards their own recovery.

Ongoing Support

Beyond addiction S.K.I.P. is used as an after abstinence care group where members continuously strive to learn and grow, and create happier, healthier life-styles.

Meeting Information

Monday, 7:00—8:30 PM
Dale Turner Family YMCA
19290 Aurora Avenue
1st Floor Conference Room (Check in at front desk)
Shoreline, Washington

Saturday, 3:00—4:30 PM
The Good Shepherd Center
4649 Sunnyside Ave N
1st Floor Conference Room (Straight in from the front doors, room 221 or 222)
Seattle, Washington

Contact Information

Sharon Yamada-Heidner

Phone: 206.245.3504

Email: sharon@skipnet.org

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