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     The company is Kingston based and serves the entire metropolitan area.   After years of working in a variety of professional services, We now want to offer my collective work experiences and skills to the Metro Kingston Area.  We offer a variety of services, including arborist, horticulture, landscaping, home modifications and computer.   The company has over 15 years experience in all services.  Every contract is handled with the utmost respect and professionalism.  The company runs with low overhead in order to offer affordable pricing.  We back every contract with a fully signed agreed guarantee between you the customer and Skills Central upon completion.

     Our present and future goal is to provide as many, possible quality, professional services to the citizens of Metro Kingston making us your one stop shopping experience for any service you may require for your yard, home and computer.

As you will read in my resume, I possess the following diplomas / certifications:

v  Business Technology Info / Comm Systems graduate – St. Lawrence College, 3 yr program

v  Forestry Technician graduate – Sir Sandford Fleming College , 2 yr program

v  25 years in a variety of customer service related fields - putting professionalism first

v  Quality Assurance Engineer, Software Tester  – Corel Corporation Ottawa, Ontario

v  Tree and Shrub Specialist – Chemlawn Inc.  (largest North American tree/shrub/lawn care  


v  Hewlett Packard - North American wireless and portable device warranty support technician

     Skills Central has an upstanding reputation in the community as being reliable and having complete customer satisfaction.  We take pride in keeping our word.  We want the customer to have a comfortable, stress free experience and develop a lifelong trusting relationship.

     Thank you for taking the time to review our website.  You can reach me to arrange an appointment to discuss any potential services you may require at 613 876 0534 at your convenience.  


Troy Donihee

Company Presentation