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Alternatives to HS

Alternatives to regular classes at SHS

 If you are going to leave the regular school system, you will need to contact Lane Education Service District for further information and to register. 

 1. Online Schools

Winter Lakes

Oregon Virtual Academy

Connections Academy

Insight School of Oregon - Painted Hills

Destinations Career Academy

Online Public Schools in Oregon

You can get a high school diploma by taking online classes through one of these organizations, but it will not be from Siuslaw High School. Also, you will not be able to take classes or participate in sports at SHS.

2. Online Accredited Private high school programs

         K12 International Academy

         Keystone School

         Keystone Recorded Information Session

         George Washington University online

         Stanford Online High School

         Laurel Springs School

         50 Best Online High School Diplomas


3. Home Schooling

        Oregon Home Education Network

        Study.com Oregon Homeschool Online


         Study.com on YouTube

        Oregon Education Homeschool Network (OHEN)

        Time4Learning Oregon

 4. GED


5. RTEC Classes at LCC