Our sponsors for SAUVC 2018 so far:


https://www.sginnovate.com/                 http://sterlingcomms.com/

http://www.ocean-5.com/           http://www.nortek-as.com/en/about-nortek         



SAUVC 2017 was also sponsored by:

http://bolsenmarine.com/ https://www.tmsi.nus.edu.sg/ https://www.thalesgroup.com/en           
               http://censam.mit.edu/Pages/default.aspx                      http://www.stengg.com/about-us/companies/electronics/stee-infocomm                 

The Singapore AUV Challenge provides an excellent platform for sponsors to show their support for a good cause; building local competence
in the field of AUV technology. Apart from enjoying co-branding on all the competition related publicity materials (flyers, website and souvenir),
this is a unique opportunity for the sponsors to reach out to the students and public alike. The sponsors may also be provided limited space
for showcasing their products at the competition venue*.

The sponsorships can be offered in any of the following ways

1. Donation of a lump sum amount
2. Sponsor one or more teams
3. Sponsor one or more prizes
4. Sponsor parts of the event or
5. Any combination of all the above

The teams who are sponsored by a company may be permitted to carry the logo of the
sponsoring company on their vehicles.

If you are interested in sponsoring us please contact at venu@arl.nus.edu.sg

*The space allocation will be at the discretion of the organizing committee