Cindy Chauvie, founder of Reiki and Intuitive Healing in Myrtle Beach South Carolina, has been interested in many areas of holistic healing from an early age. For years she has been in tune with touch therapy and its effects on people.

Cindy began her Reiki journey in 2013, became attuned and certified to the Level I energy and at that time began a modest practice with herself, family and friends. With the Level II Reiki energy she expanded her practice and found that Reiki was very instrumental in helping her friends and family living at a distance, deal with stress and anxiety. In October of 2014 she earned her Reiki Master / Teacher status and continues to flourish in her Reiki practice.

Cindy is the only full time mobile Reiki practitioner in the Myrtle Beach and surrounding area and will take her practice to your clean comfortable home office and or nature setting.

A s a Reiki practitioner, Cindy is committed to bringing peace, relaxation, stress relief and many other positive aspects to her clients. Each session is tailored to your specific needs in a loving and nurturing way.