Silentium, for Piano Quintet, Dancer and Video-projection is a polymedia artwork.
Clip from the video work
Transformation, which is projected onto the scene, over the dancer and the musicians, in number Alles steht im Wunder.
The video work of Konstantin Stefanović Transformation was presented at the exhibition of Vladan Radovanović's Polymedia Art in the Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzorić in Belgrade, from June 18th to July 6th 2014.

The project is implemented by:
Döbrei Dénes – a man from mud/coreography; Ripli Gábor – directing, editing, camera; Varga Henrietta – directing; Konstantin Stefanović – music, editing; Milan Jančurić – sound design; performers: M.M. Tamara Marković – mezzo-soprano, Slobodan Stefanović – violin, Molnár Viktor – cello, M.M. Marija Stefanović Krecul – piano.