We are a local family owned business located at 799 Empire Rd. 


Our Go-kart track is ¼ of a mile with lots of challenging and hairpin turns, and has been enjoyed by generations of consumers’. We are looking forward to providing you and your children  a safe and enjoyable experience.


Our track is inspected every year by the TSSA (Technical Standard and Safety Association), as well all of our Go-karts are inspected daily by a TSSA licensed mechanic.

The safety of your children is always our first concern, and for that reason we adhere to and follow all of the rules and regulations of the TSSA, and they are as follows

·         Riders must be 130 cm tall to ride by them self, anyone under 130 cm may ride in a double kart as a passenger and the Driver must be 18 or older.

·         Both hands on the steering wheel at all times.

·         Both feet must remain in the kart at all times.

·         Helmets must be worn at all times by everyone that rides in a Go-kart.

·         All clothing must be secured at all time.

·         All riders must remain in their karts at all times and until all karts that are on the track have been shut off

·         No bumping or pushing is permitted, there is to be no contact between karks, as to insure everyone’s safety.

·         No erratic or careless driving is allowed at any time.

·         No cranking of the steering wheel is allowed, steering is to be done with safety in mind.

·         No smoking is allowed while any one is inside the track.

·         No intoxicated persons will be permitted inside the track area.



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