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FSX Pigs Down Under Version 3.0 released
Australian Scenery and AI package


FSX & Steam FSX SHRS F-111 version 2.0 BETA build 0817/19 Released
If you ever wanted to fly the F-111 skimming the tree tops at high speeds and whip around a mountain in a 60 degree bank while the autopilot does all the work, then this is the aircraft package for you.

FSX and Real F-111 Aircraft
Click image for FSX and Real Aircraft

User comment from a Real F-111 pilot
"I was fortunate to be among the group that took the first six production F111s to Thailand in 1968 and even though we had our problems, we did major damage with this fantastic aircraft.I love this plane and you have done a great job duplicating the real plane. You seem to be as passionate about the F-111 as I, so you can imagine how elated I was to see a realistic TFR in action."

FS9 F-111 Complete aircraft package update.

All new textures, two cockpits and new repaints added.

FSX Pease AFB version 3.6 with new AI FB-111A aircraft

The new AI FB-111As now take-off with the wings swept forward. When parked and engines off the elevons droop and the ladders & remove before flight flags appear. Other features include afterburners, working spoiler brakes and a custom repaint for Pease AFB scenery. New KC-135A aircraft.
Special thanks to John Young for the custom AI FB-111A aircraft.

FSX North American F-107
I have updated the Alphasim F-107 to work in FSX

FSX Pigs Down Under Version 2.0 released
Australian Scenery and AI package
Updated with all new AI F-111 aircraft by John young
FSX Alphasim SR-71 Blackbird Freeware Aircraft Package

FSX Freeware Alphasim B-52G and B-52H Aircraft package added

FSX Pease AFB Transient F-111 AI Package

FSX My modified repaint kit for Mike Stone's F-111's

FSX Mike Stone's A-10 aircraft package

FSX Alphasim's P-51D aircraft package

FSX Mike Stone's EF-111A Spark Vark

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If you have problems or need help with any of my project you can get it here.

Budget VR Headset for FSX
Cost less than $40
Here's what you need.
  • An Android smartphone 4.7 to 6 inches. The bigger the better. I am using an old 6 inch phone with no service as long as you have WiFi your good.

US Air Force Museum Virtual Tour
Very Cool! Walk though the museum with your browser.
Pan, zoom and click on aircraft.

25 aircraft Virtual Cockpit tours
Tour 25 cockpits in 360 degrees. Many with more than one view point.

Great Free Stuff for you flight simulator

I found a great free progam for FSX and FS9. It replaces the scenery with Microsoft or Yahoo satillite maps on the fly.
Here is a good tutorial site also, A Brief "Getting Started" Tutorial.

If you have a webcam, you have a head tracking device.
No mod to camera  and it's free!

A great download. Real world weather updates for FSX.

FreeMeshX is a global terrain mesh replacement for the stock terrain mesh in Microsoft Flight Simulator – It is available free to bring more topography fidelity to your simulation!

FSX and P3D Freeware mesh for the entire world.
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