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Dear Donors / Benefactors/ Well Wishers,

    Wishing you and all your family members a very happy 2013. 
May this new year bring you 

Gratitude Day at Shelter Don Bosco

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Shelter Don Bosco, as part of its Silver Jubilee celebrations, organised a "Gratitude Day" on the 16th December 2012.


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On March 8, Shelter Don Bosco boys along with the staff marched towards  Dongri children home for ’the Holi celebrations. Shelter boys armed themselves with colors and snacks for the boys in children’s home.

The staff there gave us a warm welcome. The highlight of the day was a narrated history about the myth and meaning of the celebration. Then the riot of colors of various hues and shades took over. The boys enjoyed themselves by coloring the faces of the staff members and their friends. Almost 30 kg of  colour was used for celebration, which was sponsored. Along with colors, the boys also tuned themselves to the music in spontaneous dancing. After hours of playing and dancing, the boys and the staff were provided with snacks and soft drinks.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed this celebration. It was a well planned event with prior permissions taken from the competent authorities. This is one of the strategic moves to network with the NGOs working for the children/ youth at risk to arrive at our common goal, the holistic welfare of the youth/ children the street. 


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On March 5, 2012 Don Bosco BAL Prafulta Talash Staff encountered Master Rajendra Kumar, 13 and Master Ajay Kumar, 16 from Chhattisgarh at CST at 11:00 am. Don Bosco BAL Prafulta contacted Shelter Don Bosco for the residential care for three days. After counseling by the staff, family was contacted through mobile.

Master Rajendra Kumar son of Mr. Gorelal, 38 (farmer) and Master Ajay Kumar attended a wedding in the village (vikrampur). During which they followed the instructions of an anonymous person and later found themselves at CST.

On March 7, 2012, after counseling the children and the parents at Shelter Don Bosco. Master Rajendra Kumar was handed over to his parents.  Master Ajay Kumar Is referred to Vikrampur children’s home in Chhattisgarh, since it seems he is an orphan.



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‘German clowns without borders ‘– an international group – had its origins in Spain in 1993 and in Germany in 2005. Their mission is to spread happiness where ever possible. They bring smiles and laughter to the children and adults in need, especially the underprivileged. This group of 7 (Andrea, Stephen, Alex, Georgia, Christina, Herbert and Monfret) visited Sri Lanka, Thailand Romania, Georgia and now for the first time- India.  In Mumbai they conducted a workshop at Dharavi.

On March 4, 2012 Shelter boys had a two hour workshop between 10am-12pm. The objective of the workshop was to teach the boys entertainment skills of a clown.  These ‘German Clowns without Borders’ were very efficient in captivating the boys with their talents. The workshop included juggling, sound effects, and actions, reflections, spinning plates and some skills and behaviors of a clown. Boys participated whole heartedly with a lot of joy and enthusiasm.  Boys were divided in five groups and rotated every fifteen minutes from place to place. 

Later in the afternoon, these clowns put up an hour’s performance, entertaining the crowd with their juggling, miming, music, clowning, singing, magic tricks etc. They brought in a lot of joy and laughter. Fr Savio Silveira graced the occasion with his presence. Parishioners from ‘Our Lady of Dolours and people from neighboring slums were also present.

Indeed, it was a memorable day all thanks to the initiative of Fr Savio Silveria and the group ‘German clowns without borders’.



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Sixty ladies from VDU, Germany visited Shelter Don Bosco on March 2 at 9:30 am in the morning to have a glance at TDH  (TERRES DES HOMMES) work In Shelter. They were the delegates from TdH office Germany. 

VDU ladies were welcomed in an Indian traditional way with a Tikka and Aarti at the Shelter entrance by the Shelter medical staff. Boys performed a mime showing the various activities of shelter and entertained the guests with a thrilling dance. The sixty were divided into 3 groups, and were showed the various places and departments. The orientation on the Shelter activities was given with the help of a Power Point presentation.  Queries were efficiently cleared by shelter Don Bosco staff after the PPT Presentation.

The President of VDU highlighted three points appreciating Shelter, first, freewill of boys, second work of parents done by Shelter and third work done by just eleven staff (which is less). They also contributed  a small donation  and assured to raise funds from Germany. They also purchased lot of articles prepared by the boys who made a good sale for the hobby centre. 


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On Sunday February 26, at 10 am, a memory enhancing skills session was organized for shelter boys in order to sharpen memory skills and abilities of the boys. The resource person for this session was Mr. Sushant Mysorekar, Memory mentor at Brain Rhyme. It was the initiative of Mrs. Sujata Shetty an ex-staff of shelter (counselor) who arranged this event for the boys.

Mr. Mysorekar said that there is a system and a method to study. When it’s time to study, study well and when time to play, play well. He also differentiated the functions of right and left brain. Left side of the brain does the logical work and right side picturization, thinking, sound and the emotions. He highlighted three points for personality smartness first, attention/focus, second, imagination/picturization and third memory/ mind.

The resource person with the help of power point presented various techniques to enhance memory skills It is not just mugging up the syllabus but take the following steps to understand the syllabus

1.    Imagining should be absurd and vivid.

2.    Colors play an important role in life.

3.    Creative visualization of the objects.

4.    Add senses to your imagination.                

5.    Emotions make the association stronger.

6.    Connect in sequential manner (two at a time).

7.     Put yourself wherever possible

It was an interactive session. Mr. Mysorekar brought out responses from the boys by making them to imagine what they are studying. Lot of excitement and eagerness was shown by the boys by their doubts in between the session. Thanks to Mrs. Shetty for making this happen for the welfare of the boys.


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On February 21, 2012 Mr. Kartik Jambhulkar, first year student from TISS (Tata institute of social science) arranged a Career Guidance session for shelter boys at 6:30 pm in the shelter hall. Mr. Vaibhav Pagare, social worker and founder of Pagare Foundation was the resource person for the session. Boys above fourteen from shelter attended the session.

Mr. Pagare in his talk brought out that, education is the base to make a successful career. Identifying the interest in the process of career has to be given priority.  The need to career planning is very important for a successful life. Mr. Pagare made use of the PowerPoint presentation to educate the boys towards a better career. He also made the boys aware of the career courses available in the reputed colleges and institutes. Boys showed their thirst towards making their career with their queries and doubts. Mr. Pagare cleared the queries of the boys efficiently. Arts stream was highlighted, showing the career possibilities in various field as the shelter college boys are mainly arts students.

Thanks to Mr. Jambhulkar for his initiative in arranging the career guidance session for the shelter boys.

‘Jai Ho Don Bosco’

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“Bhatki Raho Mai Diklai Prabhu Ka Jyothit naam, Don Bosco, Don Bosco azar amar wo naam” these were the words that echoed during the whole month and especially during the novena of the Saint. On January 20, at 10:00 am the Inugration for the novena took place with a short prayer service. Staff were allotted a day to animate the day’s Novena for boys at 11:00 am. Each day was animated according to a specific topic like Loyalty, love, holiness, call to holiness etc from Don Bosco’s life. Boys were divided into four teams and were named Rua, Bosco, Savio and Magonne. Apart from the spirituality there was football, volleyball, cricket, hockey tournaments, essay and drawing competition. Boys enjoyed every bit of the tournament as there was a lot of fun and frolic. Prayer and entertainment blended together during the Novena.

The feast day Eucharist was celebrated by Fr. William Falcao (Rector) in the Shelter hall along with the shelter staff and boys. The Holy Eucharist was trilingual. The Eucharist was well animated by boys with the introduction, Reading, Prayer of the faithful and singing. The written petitions of the boys from the basket were burnt during the Prayer of the Faithful. Fr. Rector in his sermon highlighted three Points from Don Bosco’s life, first, his positive attitude towards the various adverse situations of his life, second, true  deep joy, and third, his spirit of hard work.

During the Prize Distribution staff and the boys were thanked for their participation and collaboration. T-Shirts were given to each one as a feast day gift. Prizes awarded to the all the winning teams. Team Rua was awarded a prize for their outstanding in participation and was declared the winner.


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Shelter Don Bosco celebrated the republic day with a small program. Mr. Ravi Nair, chief guest (staff for teach India by Times of India) hoisted the flag at 9:00 am in the shelter premises. Boys marched towards the flag post along with the chief guest. Shelter boys delivered a speech in Hindi, a poem in English, and a song highlighting the virtue of patriotism. Mr. Bhangade, the principal of Sewri –Wadala Marathi Medium BMC School, the Guest of Honour, appreciated the talents and the qualities of the shelter Don Bosco boys, which were evident in his school activities.  Fr. William (Rector) in his welcoming speech introduced the guests and made us aware that we are the keepers of the rules (constitution) of the nation. Now the colonists are not there to make us keep the rules.

   In Evening Shelter Don Bosco Animated the day’s novena in the Our Lady of Dolours church, Wadala. It was nice to see the boys’ participating in the Eucharist. They gave the introduction for the Eucharist, did the First, Seconreading and the Prayer of the Faithful. Boys concluded the Eucharist by singing the last hymn to Don Bosco in Hindi.

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