Mascoma Lakeside Park Clean Up - Sat. May 16 @ 10am

posted May 12, 2020, 2:19 PM by William Fontaine

Join us (from a safe distance) on Saturday, May 16th at 10am to clean up the Mascoma Lakeside Park. Bring your work gloves, boots, rakes, and weed wackers to help clean up for the coming sailing season. Contact Sally Sharp at for more information.

2020 Application Form availalble.

posted May 12, 2020, 2:15 PM by William Fontaine   [ updated May 12, 2020, 2:20 PM ]

Please note that we will establish sanitation protocols for using Club dinghies as well as expecting members to observe social distancing guidelines. We expect to have moorings in place for members in June when the NH stay-at-home order is lifted. Club boats will be available when the Board deems it safe to do so.

Membership applications for the 2020 season - coming soon!

posted May 10, 2020, 12:32 PM by William Fontaine   [ updated May 10, 2020, 12:32 PM ]

We expect to post membership materials for the 2020 season by Wednesday, May 13th. Thank you for your patience as we pull together the application materials and set policies and protocols to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Please note that we have yet to establish an firm opening date, but we hope to open in early June when the NH stay-at-home order has been lifted.

Delayed Opening Due to NH Executive Order

posted Apr 14, 2020, 1:59 PM by William Fontaine

The Mascoma Sailing Club will not open until the NH Stay-at-Home Executive Order is lifted. It is currently set to expire May 4th, but could be extended. We plan to open the membership application process in early May when we have more information.

Mascoma Lake Winter WingDing - Sat. Feb 15, 12pm - 4pm

posted Jan 15, 2020, 6:50 AM by William Fontaine   [ updated Jan 28, 2020, 7:06 AM ]

Come out and celebrate Winter at the Mascoma Lake Winter WingDing at Enfield's Lakeside Park! Depending on ice conditions there could be opportunities for ice skating, so bring your ice skates or nordic skates. If there’s good snow cover, a track will be set for XC skiing, so bring your skis. There will be equipment demos with fat bikes from Omer & Bob’s, and kitewings (bring your helmet). A broomball court with equipment will be available for some friendly competition. There might even be some serious snowman construction! Then come and warm up around the fire pit with hot chocolate and S’mores, chili and other treats. Lots of activities and fun for all ages! Sponsored by the Enfield Village Association & the Mascoma Sailing Club. Any scheduling changes will be announced on the MSC web site and the MSC Facebook page.

MSC Work Day - Sat. Oct. 19th

posted Sep 16, 2019, 8:49 AM by William Fontaine   [ updated Sep 17, 2019, 4:30 PM ]

Please join us for our work day to close up the club for the season on Saturday, October 20th. We plan to start at 9am and be finished by 1pm at the latest. We will have work crews you can join or move between: (1) Waterfront, (2) Club sloops, (3) Barn crew, organizing and storing the Lasers.

Remove moored boats by Oct. 18

posted Sep 16, 2019, 8:44 AM by William Fontaine

Please note that moored boats should be removed by Friday, October 18th. This will allow us to put the moorings to bed for the winter on Saturday, which is our scheduled work day. If you need assistance pulling your boat, please contact us. Also, please notify us when you pull your boat. Thanks!

Labor Day Weekend Regatta Results

posted Aug 31, 2019, 8:06 PM by William Fontaine   [ updated Sep 1, 2019, 7:29 PM ]

Labor Day Weekend Regatta 2019

Saturday, August 31, 2019

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, five races were sailed in a NW wind with big shifts and puffs that made for a fun afternoon of sailing. We sailed a combination of port triangles and windward-leeward courses. Since we got in five races, there was one throw-out. Andre & Sasha Bakker were very fast, with three bullets. Tom Kucharski and Jenn Carroll took second place, with two bullets, a second and a third. Reg Jones and Steve Kovacs had two third place finishes, a fourth and a sixth to capture third place. Phil Rentz and Matt Kamrath were in very close contention for third place with two third place finishes. Jim Hourdequin and his daughter Charlotte, along with Dave Beaufait held their own and captured a second place finish in the fourth race just seconds behind the Bakkers. Rand Dickson and Cathy Geiger sailed well in their FJ with Widgeon sails with two fourth place finishes. Joe Gasparik and Wendell Smith had a second place finish in the second race. Bryan Muenzer and Alex did well for their first regatta, with a fourth place finish in the final race.

Many thanks to Betty Ann Heistad for getting the burgers and hot dogs for our post-racing BBQ and for Kate McMullan's help with set up, and our volunteer grill masters.  Reg Jones got the cold drinks ready and took care of the trash and recycling. Thanks everyone!

Sailed: 5, Discards: 1, To count: 4, Ratings: USPN, Entries: 8, Scoring system: Appendix A
Mariner 19R19CBAndre & Sasha Bakker95.8(2.0)
Flying JuniorFJDYCTom Kucharski & Jennifer Carroll981.0(5.0)
Marlow 18MAR18MSCReg Jones & Steve Kovacs92.7(7.0)
JavelinJAVMSCPhilip Rentz & Matt Kamrath111.
Flying ScotFSCTMSCJim & Charlotte Hourdequin & D. Beaufait89.7(6.0)
FJ WidgeonWPMSCRand Dickson & Cathy Geiger1034.0(8.0)
Flying ScotFSCTMSCJoe Gasparik & Wendell Smith89.75.02.0(8.0)
Rhodes 19R19CBMSCBryan Muenzer & Alex Arcone95.8(8.0)


Start: Start 1, Finishes: Place
Flying JuniorFJDYCTom Kucharski & Jennifer Carroll9812:560:13:120:00:00
Mariner 19R19CBAndre & Sasha Bakker95.813:110:13:460:00:32
JavelinJAVMSCPhilip Rentz & Matt Kamrath111.315:360:14:010:00:55
FJ WidgeonWPMSCRand Dickson & Cathy Geiger10314:430:14:170:01:07
Flying ScotFSCTMSCJoe Gasparik & Wendell Smith89.713:280:15:010:01:38
Flying ScotFSCTMSCJim & Charlotte Hourdequin & D. Beaufait89.713:580:15:340:02:08
Marlow 18MAR18MSCReg Jones & Steve Kovacs92.714:350:15:440:02:21
Rhodes 19R19CBMSCBryan Muenzer & Alex Arcone95.817:310:18:170:04:52


Start: Start 1, Finishes: Place
Mariner 19R19CBAndre & Sasha Bakker95.811:380:12:090:00:00
Flying ScotFSCTMSCJoe Gasparik & Wendell Smith89.711:530:13:150:00:59
JavelinJAVMSCPhilip Rentz & Matt Kamrath111.317:090:15:250:03:38
Flying ScotFSCTMSCJim & Charlotte Hourdequin & D. Beaufait89.713:540:15:300:03:00
Flying JuniorFJDYCTom Kucharski & Jennifer Carroll9815:160:15:350:03:22
Marlow 18MAR18MSCReg Jones & Steve Kovacs92.714:460:15:560:03:31
Rhodes 19R19CBMSCBryan Muenzer & Alex Arcone95.815:520:16:340:04:14
FJ WidgeonWPMSCRand Dickson & Cathy Geiger10317:400:17:090:05:10


Start: Start 1, Finishes: Place
Flying JuniorFJDYCTom Kucharski & Jennifer Carroll9819:240:19:480:00:00
Mariner 19R19CBAndre & Sasha Bakker95.819:040:19:540:00:06
Marlow 18MAR18MSCReg Jones & Steve Kovacs92.720:340:22:110:02:13
FJ WidgeonWPMSCRand Dickson & Cathy Geiger10323:100:22:300:02:47
JavelinJAVMSCPhilip Rentz & Matt Kamrath111.325:270:22:520:03:25
Flying ScotFSCTMSCJim & Charlotte Hourdequin & D. Beaufait89.722:090:24:420:04:24
Rhodes 19R19CBMSCBryan Muenzer & Alex Arcone95.824:110:25:150:05:13
Flying ScotFSCTMSCJoe Gasparik & Wendell Smith89.724:140:27:010:06:29


Start: Start 1, Finishes: Place
Mariner 19R19CBAndre & Sasha Bakker95.810:420:11:100:00:00
Flying ScotFSCTMSCJim & Charlotte Hourdequin & D. Beaufait89.710:060:11:160:00:05
Flying JuniorFJDYCTom Kucharski & Jennifer Carroll9811:510:12:060:00:54
Marlow 18MAR18MSCReg Jones & Steve Kovacs92.711:210:12:150:01:00
JavelinJAVMSCPhilip Rentz & Matt Kamrath111.314:510:13:210:02:25
FJ WidgeonWPMSCRand Dickson & Cathy Geiger10314:020:13:370:02:32
Rhodes 19R19CBMSCBryan Muenzer & Alex Arcone95.814:170:14:550:03:35
Flying ScotFSCTMSCJoe Gasparik & Wendell Smith89.713:350:15:090:03:34


Start: Start 1, Finishes: Place
Mariner 19R19CBAndre & Sasha Bakker95.812:220:12:550:00:00
Flying JuniorFJDYCTom Kucharski & Jennifer Carroll9813:170:13:330:00:38
Marlow 18MAR18MSCReg Jones & Steve Kovacs92.714:320:15:410:02:34
Rhodes 19R19CBMSCBryan Muenzer & Alex Arcone95.815:280:16:090:03:06
Flying ScotFSCTMSCJim & Charlotte Hourdequin & D. Beaufait89.714:330:16:130:02:58
FJ WidgeonWPMSCRand Dickson & Cathy Geiger10316:490:16:200:03:31
Flying ScotFSCTMSCJoe Gasparik & Wendell Smith89.716:060:17:570:04:31
JavelinJAVMSCPhilip Rentz & Matt Kamrath111.320:310:18:260:06:09

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Labor Day Weekend Regatta changed to Saturday, August 31

posted Aug 27, 2019, 8:17 PM by William Fontaine

° Skippers meeting at 12:30pm - Will review racing instructions, match crew with skippers and club boats. 

° Racing to begin at 1:30pm - no races to start after 3:30

° Potluck BBQ at 4:30pm - we will provide cold drinks, burgers & hot dogs and cookies. 

Please contact Bill at for more information.

2019 Griesbach Regatta Results

posted Aug 4, 2019, 5:49 PM by William Fontaine   [ updated Aug 5, 2019, 1:39 PM ]

The Griesbach Regatta honors Ernie and Marga Griesbach, who donated the Club Rhodes 19, which is enjoyed by many. Here is a brief account of the Griesbachs and their connection with Dick Lathrop:

Marga and Ernie Griesbach came to Enfield for many years as guests at Kluges.  In 1986 they bought a condo on Lake Mascoma and in 1990 moved to a house in Canaan.   Ernie met Dick Lathrop, who was manager of the Dartmouth Sailing club, in the summer of 1988 in a rescue operation.  When Ernie was having problems one afternoon on the lake sailing his "beer cooler", as Dick described it, Dick motored over to help him.  They became good friends, and Dick later helped Ernie find a good boat, a Rhodes 19.  When Ernie died from complications of surgery in 1992, Marga donated the Rhodes to the sailing club and Dick initiated the Griesbach regatta, which has become an annual event in Ernie's memory.   

The history of the Griesbachs is remarkable.  Marga and Ernie were both German Jews.  Marga was captured by the Gestapo in Germany and taken to a ghetto in Riga, Latvia.  She was later shipped to a concentration camp, Stutthof, in Poland and then to a labor camp.  Those who were able to walk were marched back to Germany, but Marga was able to escape with her mother, who suffered severe frostbite.

Ernie's family moved from Germany to France in 1933 because of oppression.  When the Germans invaded France, Ernie's sister was arrested by the French and placed in a camp, Guers, for German Jews.  The rest of Ernie's family escaped.  The sister, however,  was released when the firm that she had worked for indicated that she was an essential employee.  As she was heading back toward her home in Bordeaux, she stopped in the marketplace of a small town and remarkably bumped into her family, as they were fleeing.  The reunited family headed to Spain, crossing the Pyrenees on foot.   They reached the US in 1941.

There was a nice breeze around 10mph for the 2019 Griesbach regatta, with gusts over 15 coupled with some big shifts. Dick Lathrop did some fast sailing, ending up with three bullets and a second place. Gary Orkney and Donna Bowie had one bullet, two seconds, and a third, ending up just three points shy of the first place winner. Tom Kucharski and Jenm Carroll had a second and three third place finishes to capture third place just two points behind the Rhodes 19. Reg Jones and Harriette Yahr finished in the middle of the pack, with eighteen points. Steve Kovacs and Amanda Rafuse had a solid record, but were hampered by a DNF in the last race. Richard Balagur and Matt sailed the Lightning, which made good time but could not overcome the handicap rating. Bill Fontaine finished in seventh place, getting a single fourth place finish in the first race before retiring from the regatta. Jim and Margaret Hourdequin finished last due to only starting in the final race, but made up for a late start with a fifth place finish. 

Many thanks to Sally Sharp, who set the course with a variety of races, and Betty Ann Heistad, who got the supplies for the BBQ and served as grill master. And finally, thanks to all our participants

Griesbach regatta 2019

Results as of August 4th, 2019


Sailed: 4, Discards: 0, To count: 4, Ratings: USPN, Entries: 8, Scoring system: Appendix A
DaysailerDSCTDick Lathrop / Judy Saide98.
White RhodesR19MSCGary Orkney / Donna Bowie95.
Flying JuniorFJDCYCTom Kucharski / Jenn Carroll982.
Hunter 170HTR170MSCReg Jones / Harriette Yahr92.
JavelinJAVMSCSteve Kovacs / Amanda Rafuse111. DNF24.0
Blue LightningLIMSCRichard Balagur / Matt87.
Precision 14PRS14MSCBill Fontaine103.54.09.0 DNS9.0 DNS9.0 DNS31.0
Flying ScotFSCTMSCJim Hourdequin  / Margaret Hourdequin89.79.0 DNS9.0 DNS9.0 DNS5.032.0


Start: Start 1, Finishes: Place
DaysailerDSCTDick Lathrop / Judy Saide98.68:570:09:050:00:00
Flying JuniorFJDCYCTom Kucharski / Jenn Carroll989:580:10:100:01:04
White RhodesR19MSCGary Orkney / Donna Bowie95.89:470:10:130:01:05
Precision 14PRS14MSCBill Fontaine103.512:130:11:480:02:49
Hunter 170HTR170MSCReg Jones / Harriette Yahr92.713:380:14:420:05:13
JavelinJAVMSCSteve Kovacs / Amanda Rafuse111.316:260:14:460:06:20
Blue LightningLIMSCRichard Balagur / Matt87.113:010:14:570:05:07
Flying ScotFSCTMSCJim Hourdequin  / Margaret Hourdequin89.7DNS  


Start: Start 1, Finishes: Place
DaysailerDSCTDick Lathrop / Judy Saide98.69:050:09:130:00:00
White RhodesR19MSCGary Orkney / Donna Bowie95.89:460:10:120:00:56
Flying JuniorFJDCYCTom Kucharski / Jenn Carroll9811:290:11:430:02:27
Hunter 170HTR170MSCReg Jones / Harriette Yahr92.712:220:13:200:03:50
JavelinJAVMSCSteve Kovacs / Amanda Rafuse111.314:550:13:240:04:40
Blue LightningLIMSCRichard Balagur / Matt87.113:500:15:530:05:49
Precision 14PRS14MSCBill Fontaine103.5DNS  
Flying ScotFSCTMSCJim Hourdequin  / Margaret Hourdequin89.7DNS  


Start: Start 1, Finishes: Place
DaysailerDSCTDick Lathrop / Judy Saide98.68:050:08:120:00:00
White RhodesR19MSCGary Orkney / Donna Bowie95.88:080:08:290:00:17
Flying JuniorFJDCYCTom Kucharski / Jenn Carroll988:360:08:470:00:34
JavelinJAVMSCSteve Kovacs / Amanda Rafuse111.311:150:10:060:02:08
Hunter 170HTR170MSCReg Jones / Harriette Yahr92.710:100:10:580:02:34
Blue LightningLIMSCRichard Balagur / Matt87.110:000:11:290:02:52
Precision 14PRS14MSCBill Fontaine103.5DNS  
Flying ScotFSCTMSCJim Hourdequin  / Margaret Hourdequin89.7DNS  


Start: Start 1, Finishes: Place
White RhodesR19MSCGary Orkney / Donna Bowie95.815:300:16:110:00:00
DaysailerDSCTDick Lathrop / Judy Saide98.616:140:16:280:00:17
Flying JuniorFJDCYCTom Kucharski / Jenn Carroll9819:000:19:230:03:09
Hunter 170HTR170MSCReg Jones / Harriette Yahr92.719:240:20:560:04:24
Flying ScotFSCTMSCJim Hourdequin  / Margaret Hourdequin89.718:490:20:590:04:18
Blue LightningLIMSCRichard Balagur / Matt87.121:100:24:180:07:04
JavelinJAVMSCSteve Kovacs / Amanda Rafuse111.3DNF  
Precision 14PRS14MSCBill Fontaine103.5DNS  

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