This page provides links to fellow glass schools, suppliers, and other items we have found of interest. Note that inclusion on this page isn't necessarily an endorsement - just a pointer.

Glass suppliers - color and batch

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Glass manufacturers

    • Gaffer glass USA - New Zealand color manufacturer (rod in whole kilograms only)
    • Kugler - German glass manufacturer (color chart)
    • Reichenbach (aka Q-color) - German glass manufacturer (color chart)
    • Reusche - enamels for glass painting.
    • From David Ensign: "Here's the catalog. I ordered from the list of Hot Glass Colors at the bottom of page 7, my teacher (John DeWit) recommended them for anything you want to gather over. I also got the sample kit #3000, but it was a only a tiny bit of each color. I'm using the 1903 paining medium, but there is also a water medium. You can silkscreen this stuff. The COE is unknown, but it seems to work."
    • Spruce Pine Batch Co. (also have color charts for Kugler, Reichenbach)

Tool suppliers

Glass schools

A longer list can be found at and another one (slightly out of date), at Steiner Industries.

Rental facilities



These typically require that you know the owners or someone who has previously worked in that studio.

Glass Organizations

    • Glass Art Society - preeminent glass organization in the USA
      • 2008 annual conference, June 19-21, Portland, OR
      • 2009 annual conference, June 11-14, Corning, NY
      • 2010 annual conference, June 10-12, Louisville, KY
      • 2011 annual conference, June , Seattle, WA
      • 2012 annual conference, June 13-17, Toledo, OH
      • 2013 annual conference, June 13-15, Boston, MA
    • Glass Alliance of Northern California - non-profit organization whose mission is to further the development and appreciation of art made from glass

Glass museums



    • Ed Schmidt, Beginning glassblowing, Glass Mountain Press, January 2005, ISBN 0963872826 (Abe's books, Olympic color,
    • Ed Schmidt, Advanced glassworking techniques, Glass Mountain Press, December 1997, ISBN 0963872818 (Olympic color,
    • Ed Burke, Glass Blowing: A Technical Manual, Crowood Press, November 2005, ISBN 1861265212 (
    • Lucartha Kohler, Glass: An Artist's Medium, Krause Publications, March 1999, ISBN 087341604X (

Glass art:

    • 500 Glass Objects: A Celebration of Functional & Sculptural Glass, Lark Books, May 2006, ISBN 1579906931 (
    • William Warmus, Fire and Form: The Art of Contemporary Glass, Norton Museum of Art, June 2003, ISBN 0943411394 (



Marketing and selling


There are many good glass-related videos to be found on sites like YouTube. This link highlights just a small part of that selection.