Reservation Process

**Note:  If you are within 48 hours of your facility need, please call Lisa Roth at (503) 873-6331 x3757.  The online reservation process needs at least 48 hours to process your request.**
Reservation Steps:
1.    Check the reservation calendar corresponding to the location (school) to ensure that the field you want is available at the time and date you require.
2.    Fill out the online reservation form requesting use of the classroom, library or field/gym space.  You can only fill out one form per user, per location.  In other words, if you have multiple uses or teams practicing or playing games at one location, you'll need to fill out one form per user.  See examples below.
3.    Before showing up to use the facility, double-check the reservation calendar to ensure that you're listed as the authorized user.  Remember, in some locations, there may be more than one authorized user at a facility at any given time.
4.    If you have any questions or conflicts that arise during your use of the athletic facilities, please contact Lisa Roth at or (503) 873-6331 x3757.
5.    Remember, if there is a conflict, the reservation calendar is always right.  No other forms, permissions (either written or implied) exempt any party from utilizing the reservation calendar.

How many online reservation forms do I fill out?
Forms are filled out per user, per location.  First, let's be clear on the definitions:
User:  The authorized user for each event.  This person will be the responsible adult present at the event in question.  If it is multiple dates and times, this person will be at each.
Location:  The school or site at which the event will take place.  We have five locations within the district that the SFSD Facility Management office oversees usage of.  At each location, there are several classrooms, fields, typically a library and gymnasiums.
For example...
The soccer club has four teams that need to use fields.  Each has a different coach and practice dates & times.  The club would like all of their practices at one location for ease of explanation to their parents and players.  The club would fill out four online reservation forms for each of their four coaches (users).  In those forms, they would determine the date, time and location (after first consulting with the corresponding location calendar) and submit the forms accordingly.

A local artisan would like to use a classroom to teach a class on their particular craft.  The user would need to fill out one form for their use, citing any recurrence.
The local softball club has six teams that need to use fields.  Each team has a different coach and practice dates & times.  For reasons of their own, they cannot all practice on softball fields with the practice and game schedules.  Therefore, they must schedule time on "other" fields in the district.  The club would fill out twelve online reservation forms; two for each coach/user (or one for every different location that each coach will be using).

Who has priority?
Because we have so many organizations and youth programs that require use of the SFSD facilities, we have devised a fair and impartial priority system to handle our requests for use.  They are as follows...
First Priority:
SFSD student programs in-season.  This includes student clubs, athletic teams and other student/teacher run organizations that are sanctioned and/or operated by the schools.
Second Priority:
Student club and athletic programs out-of-season (within reason).  These uses must ensure they follow OSAA guidelines governing the restriction of student-athlete contact out-of-season.
Third Priority:
Community/Youth Program teams that are in-season.  Athletic examples include...
Fall: football, soccer, volleyball
Winter: basketball, wrestling
Spring: baseball, softball, track & field, tennis.
Fourth Priority:
Community/Youth programs that are out-of-season.

How do I reserve fields or gym space for league competition when I don't know the specific dates & times the league will have us playing home games?
Many of our youth sports organizations participate in statewide or regional leagues that bring teams from outside of our community to Silverton for a sporting event.  Many of these leagues are several months in length and require field/gym space be made available prior to the league start for centralized scheduling purposes.
When this happens, we can work with you to set up blocks of time at which your organization will have priority in that space.  We will hold those blocks open for you until your league schedule is posted.  After the schedules are posted, your request will be updated to reflect only the dates and times you need, per your schedule.
For instance, if your league requires a field be available every Saturday and Sunday, we can block out certain times of those days that your league can schedule that field without fear that we will schedule over top of them.  Once your schedule is posted, we'll take back all of the unused days and times that we previously reserved for you and return them to the open pool.
Keep in mind that where you are at on the priority chart above will determine how much flexibility we can give you in scheduling league competition.