Field/Facility Maps

The Silver Falls School District oversees thirty field spaces, eight gymnasiums and seven tennis courts at five different locations throughout Silverton.  The many youth and adult organizations in Silverton are welcome and indeed encouraged to use the fields and facilities of the school district for the enhancement and promotion of adult and youth fitness and athletic development.  Private parties are able to use the facilities as well for their needs, provided the use fits with the overall aspect of the facility reserved.

There are several fields that have minor restrictions regarding their usage.  These fields, generally varsity level fields, are therefore closely monitored as to traffic and use by organizations outside of the high school athletics programs responsible for the field.  These fields include:
McGinnis Field
Varsity Football field & Varsity Track & Field
Field requires permission from the Varsity Football Coach John Mannion
Track requires permission from Varsity Track Coach Erik Cross
Davisson Field
Varsity Baseball field
Requires permission from Varsity Baseball Coach Neal Glynn
Pine St. Main Gymnasium
Varsity Basketball gym
Limited use by special permission of AD Greg Kaatz
Pine St. Campus Field 1
Varsity Softball field
Requires permission from Varsity Softball Coach Ralph Cortez
Pine St. Campus Field 2
Varsity Soccer field
Requires permission from Varsity Soccer Coach Fred George