Fee Schedule

    Below is the fee schedule approved as of June 2011 by the SFSD Board of Directors.  This fee schedule is currently in place and will be charged to new usage requests and existing long-term requests.  If you have any questions or comments regarding the use and application of this fee schedule, please feel free to contact Lisa Roth, SFSD Facilities Management Coordinator, at (503) 873-6331 x3757 or roth_lisa@silverfalls.k12.or.us.  Thank you.

  Category One Category Two Category Three Category Four
Group DescriptionEvent sponsored by school districtCommunity-based organizations who (primarily) serve youthNon-profit or Civic community groups in the Silver Falls School DistrictFor profit, private organizations
SHS Auditorium
(see also tech costs)
n/a$15 / hr$30 / hr$100 / hr
SHS Scene Shopn/a $5 / hr $10 / hr $50 / hr 
SHS Black Boxn/a$10 / hr $25 / hr$50 / hr
SHS Gymnasiumsn/a$5 / hr$10 / hr $50 / hr
SHS Commonsn/a $5 / hr$10 / hr $50 / hr 
SHS Kitchenn/a$10 / hr $25 / hr$50 / hr 
SHS Athletic Fields
(with field light usage) 
n/a $0 / hr
$5 / hr 
$5 / hr
$10 / hr 
$50 / hr
$50 / hr 

SHS Libraryn/a $5 / hr$10 / hr $50 / hr 
SHS CTE Shopn/a$10 / hr$25 / hr$50 / hr 
SHS Classroom n/a$5 / hr $10 / hr $25 / hr 
McGinnis field
(with field light usage) 
n/a $25 / hr
$40 / hr
$50 / hr
$65 / hr 
Not Available
Schlador Campus Field
(per field)
n/a $0 / hr$5 / hr $10 / hr 
Other Gymnasiumsn/a$5 / hr$10 / hr $15 / hr 
Other Classroomsn/a $0 / hr$5 / hr $15 / hr
Other Athletic Fields n/a$0 / hr$5 / hr $10 / hr 
Other Libraries n/a$0 / hr$10 / hr$25 / hr
Other Commonsn/a $0 / hr$10 / hr $25 / hr 

The following charges may apply to your use, depending on the determination of facilities management:
Custodial/Kitchen:  $25 / hr
Staff Theater Technician:  $25 / hr
Student Theater Technician:  $10 / hr

Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations must be made 72 hours in advance.  Failure to provide 72 hours notice will result in user being charged one hour of use based on the above rates.

False Alarm:
A $100 fee will be charged for all accidental or unintentional activations of a buildings alarm system.

Liability Insurance Requirements:
Please be aware that Silver Falls School District requires all facility users to carry private liability insurance and provide proof of such to the facilities management coordinator.  The insurance must show minimum limit of coverage of $1,000,000 for each occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate coverage with the Silver Falls School District specifically named as an additional insured.

General Notes:
Groups in Category Two, Three or Four who charge gate or ticket admission to their event will either pay the hourly fee or contribute 10% of their earnings to the Facilities Management and Maintenance Fund, whichever is higher.

A flat rate fee for long-term facility use during the school year may apply at the discretion of the superintendent or facilities management.

All charges will be itemized on a monthly basis and billed to your organizations' mailing address on file. 

Category Assignments:
Your organization will be assigned a category upon your first request through the facility reservation process.  Organizations who previously have reserved facilities with SFSD have previously been assigned such.  If you feel that your organization should be considered for a different category, please contact Lisa Roth for appeal.

Examples of Category One organizations include:
School-affiliated athletic programs, school-affiliated clubs and associations, parent-teacher clubs

Examples of Category Two organizations include:
Non-profit organizations primarily serving the greater Silverton-area youth, including:  Silver Falls Family YMCA, Silverton JBO Baseball/Softball, Silverton Mat Club, Silver Falls Soccer Club, Silverton Youth Basketball Association, Silverton Youth Football, Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of the USA, Silver Fox Foundation

Examples of Category Three organizations include:
Other non-profit organizations, including but not limited to:  Religion/church-affiliated groups, homeowner associations, Silverton Area Community Aid, Silverton Hospital Foundation

Examples of Category Four organizations include:
Private users or individuals, local businesses, travelling artisans