• ПРОЕКТ СРУБА SETAR 10/D Проект загородного коттеджа предусматривает строительство на участке со слабо выраженным рельефом и высоким уровнем грунтовых вод. В связи с чем цокольный этаж выполнен незаглубленным; такое решение позволило значительно снизить затраты ...
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  • ПРОЕКТ СРУБА SETAR 9/D Прекрасный спортивный комплекс из бруса хорошо впишется в окружающий природный ландшафт любой туристической или спортивной базы. Применение экологически чистого строительного материала подчеркивает здоровый спортивный дух всего здания. Да и архитектура ...
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  • ПРОЕКТ ДЕРЕВЯНОГО ДОМА SETAR 8/D Компактный, с хорошо продуманной планировкой дом рассчитан на семью из 3-4 человек. Особенностью первого этажа является использование архитектором свободной планировки в большей части жилого пространства. Центральное место в нем ...
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  • ПРОЕКТ СРУБА SETAR 7/D Добротный с отличным планом коттедж из бруса предназначен для постоянного проживания и отдыха семьи из 3-5 человек. Все вспомогательные и хозяйственные помещения первого и второго этажей выделены в отдельные ...
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We address those who have come to visit our website:

Ladies and Gentlemen! We have a whole range of building services throughout the United Kingdom and

London area in particular. Everybody who is interested in capital construction, engineering and harmonization of reconstruction projects, overhauling of any complexity, restoration and implementation of facades design, interiors and internal finishing will benefit from our co-operation.
We have the latest machinery and equipment that provide an opportunity to do our work as soon as possible and perform to a high level of quality. All our work has a 2 year guarantee.
Every client is unique and valuable is for us. Therefore, we are committed to an individual approach to your projects, and consider it as a very important task. It does not matter how challenging is the undertaking: the erection of a large trade complex or cottage building; restoration of historic buildings or apartments’ renovation; or a design project - you can safely relay on us, and we will accomplish the work at a high quality level  within the agreed terms.
Our site set up for you, for all those who need to repair or to build a house in London or to build a pond or develop a garden.

There are ten reasons to work with us:

1. 2 years guarantee
2. Vast experience
3. Undertaking all functions such as a contractor, or building owner
4. Renovations of elite level properties
5. Capital construction
6. Engineering – examination of the object and producing the estimated documentation
7. Interior design
8. Personal approach to every project
9. Flexible payment approach
10. Highly trained staff

There are a lot of building and construction companies in Britain, especially in London. Therefore, there is a reasonable question:” Why should it be our company? In order to find out an answer to that question I am going to try myself in that man’s shoes who has a property in London and when it comes to renovation or refurbishment, the first his concern is to make it cozy and comfortable according to their own preferences.

The next step will be searching a designer, an architect, a plaster, a plumber, a carpenter, an electrician and so on. Then I will need to obtain a build permit, organize rubbish collecting, plus I must have some knowledge to control everybody, who is involved in the process... it sounds too complicated for me...
Let me have a look at other option: a construction company. Firstly, you will communicate with one person only. Secondly, there is no need for to supervise the people at the building site. Moreover, a company has a range of staff and can easily replace a worker if he gets sick, for instance, in order to stick to the agreed time-terms. The reputation is particularly important for the company.

The next point to think over is how much time and nerves will the job take if I carry out it myself. A designer will suggest me a completed concept to implement my idea where everything will be agreed according to my preferences and the United Kingdom property building law.  
I will be told how long it takes the company to complete the project, how much it will cost me. If everything suits me, there will be a deal. Further I will keep in touch with the company boss, keep an eye on the building site just be aware how it is going, and eventually, move in my desired New Home!
If you are reading this article it is highly likely that you are looking for reliable, professional builders to entrust them your London estate project.
Although, our team is international, we have a European approach to the quality and perform our work to a high level of the UK building standards.

  • Наружные работы Наружные работы Вид работед.изм.цена, грн.Выемка грунтам.куб.150.00Монолитные работы (включая вязку арматуры)м.куб.1100.00Кладка кирпичная черноваям.куб.220.00 ...
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  • Электромонтажные работы Электромонтажные работы%Во%ров№ать не хорошо%Во%ровать №не хорошоВид работед.изм.цена, грн.Устройство каналов в бетонем.пог.40.00Устройство каналов в кирпичем ...
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  • Сантехнические работы Сантехнические работы%Воровать не% хорош%о№Воров%ать не хорошо*Вид работед.изм.цена, грн.Монтаж и подключение умывальникашт.350.00Монтаж и подключение умывальника с мебельюшт ...
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