Girls Designer Dresses from Serendipity. A unique & limited edition set of girls dresses, accessories & bags designed and hand made by the designer herself in Derbyshire, UK for Worldwide appeal. These are so much cheaper than other girls designer dresses but of equivalent, if not superior quality, and certainly more chic, exclusive and one-off designs than the 'norm' so why not give me a try and look at my exclusive boutique , just click HERE

I am very proud to design & make girls designer dresses & designer girls accessories, currently just petite little girls bags but with more designs to come. These are all exclusive one-off designs that will dress your little designer kids. All clothing & accessories for your little girls are made from unique fabrics and quality materials. These are sourced mostly from the UK but some Worldwide. I have tried to use unusual cloths, fabrics & prints and you will find that your little girls will stand out from the crowd. Get a designer dress now! Thanks.