Homeward Bound Village

We support our residents to live in a supportive community by acquiring jobs to pay nominal rent while receiving volunteer case management, counseling, and other support. Residents will be offered work opportunities at  Pick N Pan Co-Market. We are in the process of acquiring a second market location within walking distance of the residency program.

An experimental model is being developed by placing six Cozy's (very small, private, insulated, dry, sleeping quarters with a desk, storage, and a bed) around an RV trailer that is used for classroom, cooking, sanitation, and learning activities. These can be placed on any vacant land. The location we are using now is zoned for this use under Senate Bill 2.

The first two pictures are of the original Cozy. The last is a most recent version that is slightly larger and much more solid. They are composed of six panels that can be easily transported then quickly screwed together to form a building. The floor is a plastic tarp on the ground which helps to even the heat. The first version cost about $100 and the current one is over two hundred because of the cost of a window, insulation, and door hardware. The roof is painted to save on cost and weight.