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   CoLiving Network supports affordable shared housing for those with homelessness, addiction, abuse, or mental health issues. CoLiving homes are drug free, democratically run, and the residents pay an affordable rent. CoLiving residents support and hold each other accountable to sustain sobriety and gain independence through learning to manage their lives step by step.

       CoLiving clients know there is no easy way and work hard because they have a secure environment and are part of a family of peers committed to this goal. If a resident relapses or can't follow house rules, roommates ask him/her to leave and make way for someone else. Residents support each other to avoid this outcome. 

          It is important to have safety nets to protect the homeless, but it is equally important to give them a reasonable means to work their way to recovery. CoLiving residents have a place to call home, supportive peers, and recovery assistance  through services, support groups and  life coaching.       


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