About the Author

    Jacquelyn Applegate currently lives in Lyles, TN where she teaches K-5th grade music. She has a great love for all things art related. Some of her hobbies include drawing, painting, fencing, and working on her cars. She also enjoys performing with her music and acting in theatre. Her greatest love is in acting and performing her music when she is not writing. Her main instruments include guitar, piano, and trumpet, with trumpet being her major instrument. 
    She enjoys being outdoors and enjoying nature. She loves anything from the Victorian era especially the old houses. Jacquelyn is a big fan of  the old t.v. shows from the 50's and 60's, loves classical music as well as the oldies and some modern music, a huge Beatles fan and of course a Sherlock Holmes fan. She enjoys spending time with her family when she is able and loves to laugh. 

She is currently working on her second book Selena Jones: the Hunt. Information on this book will be updated as she continues. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions. Below are the ways you can contact her.

Facebook : Selena Jones Mysteries http://www.facebook.com/groups/259378444085032/
Twitter: SelenaJonesBook https://twitter.com/#!/SelenaJonesBook 
            or DetectiveHolmes https://twitter.com/#!/DetectiveHolmes

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