Selena Jones Trial and Error

Selena Jones Trial and Error 

    by Jacquelyn Applegate

It is September of 1898 when Mr. Sherlock Holmes encounters a most unusual and unique woman. A woman who notices the most diminutive and trifling details that the common being often overlooks. Her name is Selena Jones.

Holmes is asked to find Selena when her maid, Mrs. Baker, receives a threatening letter addressed to Miss Jones. When Holmes finds her, he realizes he has set eyes on her before. He finds, after having an extensive conversation with her, that she had deceived the men who had sent the letter and even solved the mystery of several murders.

Selena’s involvement leads to more deadly circumstances, however. A criminal league that has been building for some time is now being hampered by her wits and presence. These men will stop at nothing to prevent her from any further interference.

A great evil rains down upon Selena causing a chain of events that will bring Holmes and his dear friend Watson to her side. These events soon lead to a kidnapping and the mastermind behind the entire affair.

They find themselves in grave danger as the case takes a turn for the worst and Watson is taken prisoner. A ruse is set for Holmes, and Selena struggles to save Watson and reach Holmes in time. Her last venture, with Holmes, proves to be a deadly one but for whom?

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SELENA JONES: TRIAL AND ERROR: FEATURING SHERLOCK HOLMES, by Jacquelyn Applegate (Charleston: CreateSpace, 2010; 155 pp., $13.00), is the first of a projected series about a young woman who has detective skills and manages to attract the attention of Sherlock Holmes, who has a supporting role in her adventures and who winds up demonstrating considrable emotional attachment to Selena; visit> to learn more about the book and the author.

By Marilyn Nash Nov. 7, 2011
A must-read mystery for Sherlock Holmes followers! Selena Jones, a strong educated woman during the late 1800's, was living in a time when a woman was expected to stay at home and always be "lady-like". Not afraid to try to solve crimes on her own, Selena describes her actions as "I always think before I act." Selena's actions catch the attention of the famous Sherlock Holmes, the well-known detective who has the ability to read clues as no other could and solve many crimes. A friendship develops between the two and leads to dangerous trials and errors. Has Sherlock met his match in Miss Selena Jones? The author shows great talent with her first book! Hope there is more to come with her character Miss Selena Jones!

By Lela Evans Nov. 3, 2011

I enjoyed reading this book. I give this book 5 stars. I couldn't wait to see what happened next. I think every one would enjoy this book.

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