Frank Thomas Seifried


Professor for Probability Theory

    Department IV - Mathematics
    University of Trier

    Principal Investigator in DFG Research Training Group 2126 (ALOP)

Research Interests

    Mathematical Finance, Stochastic Processes, Stochastic Control, Utility Theory

Conferences & Events

    Program Maths Ambassadors (Mathematik-Botschafter)

    International Workshop Stochastic Models and Control 2017

uantitative Finance Symposium QFQP++ 2015, QFQP++ 2016 and QFQP++ 2017

    International Workshop Stochastic Models and Control 2015

Contact Details

    e-mail:  {my surname}
    office:  E130 (+49 651 201 3486)
    administrative assistant:  Doris Karpa,  E113 (+49 651 201 3473)