Welcome to Sea View Farms, LLC

photo from Portsmouth Herald
Say hello to two from our herd ...
our bull, Mr. Bighead a.k.a. Mr. B. (on  R),
and one of our cows, Leppy! 
          Mr. B again, (L)  taken winter of 2010,         
                pictures just don't do him justice
                          he is just massive...
 We've had many changes on the farm since last Spring of 2012, which hopefully will make the buffalo much happier.  Thanks to our local NRCS office, some of the changes are a concrete pad and hard packed area, which equals less MUD!!

We also now have a manure storage area,
OUR TURKEY POLTS from 2012....
no turkeys available
this year...
                                                                                        Cute aren't they?




                                           unvailable at this time....send me an email if you are interested in a future lamb, I will let you know if we will be raising any... 

 taken 7/15/12

 Articles about us
Published in the Portsmouth Herald:
Another article written about us in Rye Reflections:
Here's what people are saying:
"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love the eggs" - Linda

"Really enjoyed the buffalo" by Scott

"I just wanted to let you both know...      I believe our family has a new Thanksgiving tradition and it involves Seaview Farm! Our Thanksgiving turkey, from Seaview Farm, was THE BEST BIRD, EVER!! " from Mary B.

"I had a few burgers from your farm at a cook out and needless to say I need more. It was wonderful." from Kevin

It's "great what you guys are doing - such a good cause" - Donna

To come by and try our products or to ask a question
call us at 430-8052
Thanks for interest in our farm!

495 Brackett Rd Rye, NH 03870 

         Thank you for your interest in our small family-run farm.  Unlike other farms, we raise only what we can handle, so when our supply is gone... it's gone!  Although we have been farming on our land since 1995, we recently decided to offer our items to everyone else to enjoy!  Come and eat fresh and support the "Eat Local" movement.  You'll be glad you did.
~Currently we have buffalo meat available individually wrapped steaks, sausage,
ground, and pre-formed patties,ribs, stew meat, kabobs and more!
DID YOU KNOW?   Buffalo meat is lower in fat than CHICKEN. 
 ** Link to price sheet on bottom left corner -under sub pages!
taken 7/15/12

 We are currently accepting 1/4 share requests.
If you like buffalo, don't miss out on such a great deal.
Email us for more info!

  pic taken 7/15/12
   YUM!! YUM!!  
If you've ever tried our chicken, you know what I am talking about                                                                             
Contact me if you are interested in whole chickens,
they average 3.5lbs in size. 
 we still have whole chickens available . . . 

Like bacon?  Ham steaks? Or smoked shoulders?
taken 7/15/12
The pigs are gone and they were huge!!
Due to a mix up with the processor/smoker,
we have a limited amount of bacon, individual ham steaks,
and smoked shoulders available. 
Contact me if you'd like to pricing and availability.
If you learn anything from this website, our product can be limited, UNLESS, you contact me and let me know you'd like a whole or a half,  months ahead of time... HINT, HINT!! 

Yes, our buffalo are pasture raised.  They are fed a diet of hay, grass and fruits/veggies.
No, we do not have "store hours," but we are glad to be flexible  so as arrange a time
for pick up at our home that works for both of us
It's okay if you don't know how to cook buffalo meat (or a fresh turkey)
instructions are given upon purchase 
                        or open attachment below for instructions and recipes.         
Kim S,
Dec 15, 2010, 7:23 AM
Kim S,
Dec 15, 2010, 7:30 AM