Associate Membership & Friends of the S.C.V.
For those who are not descendants of a Confederate soldier or who do not possess the requisite proof of service but who nonetheless support the mission of the S.C.V. as stated in the "Charge", Associate membership is available.
Associate Membership

Who may join?
        Any person who wishes to support the S.C.V., the Arizona Division and Camp 1710, male or female.

Benefits of Associate membership:
        Associate members receive a subscription to the Arizona Division newsletter, The Rebel Yell, and the Camp 1710 newsletter, The Vidette.  Associate members may, at their option, subscribe to the national magazine, The Confederate Veteran.  Associates receive a membership certificate suitable for framing.

        Associates have all the same membership privileges as full members except that they cannot hold elective office at the Camp, Brigade or Division levels.  Our national headquarters does not recognize Associate membership.

How can one become an Associate member?
To join, submit an Associate membership application along with the payment of the first year's dues.

Dues & Fees for Associate Members
National per capita tax:            $0.00
Arizona Division dues:              $5.00
Camp 1710 dues:                         $5.00

Optional:  subscription to The Confederate Veteran:    $26.00

Total due with application:     $10.00
with CV subscription:               $36.00

Contact the Camp Adjutant at  for more information.

Friends of the S.C.V.
        As a means to recognize persons who support the SCV but do not meet the requirements for membership, the General Executive Council of the SCV approved the "Friends of the SCV" program.

        For an initial donation of $40.00, the "Friend" receives a certificate suitable for framing, a Friends of the SCV lapel pin and a one year subscription to our national magazine, The Confederate Veteran.

        Subsequent donations of $30.00 annually will maintain the subscription to CV and friendship.  Please note that "Friends" are not SCV members and may not exercise any rights of membership. 

        Since Camp 1710 does have an Associate membership program in place, individuals may chose to join as an Associate, as a "Friend of the SCV" or both.  Should a person wish to join as both a "Friend" and an associate, an additional payment of $10.00 (Camp 1710 and Arizona Division dues) is required.

Contact the Camp Adjutant at for more information.

        The Friends of the SCV application may be accessed on the SCV website at Friends of the SCV Application