Confederate Secret Service
Camp 1710
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Welcome to the Confederate Territory of Arizona!
The Confederate Secret Service Camp 1710 is located in Cochise County in southeastern Arizona.  It is headquartered in Sierra Vista, home of Fort Huachuca, the US Army Intelligence Center, an active Army post since 1877.

The Camp was chartered on 6 April 1995.  The charter members chose to name the Camp after the intelligence organization of the Confederacy.  Nearly all the charter members were active duty or retired Military Intelligence soldiers (and one Naval Intelligence sailor). 

The Confederate Secret Service was the forerunner of modern intelligence gathering agencies.  It not only included espionage agents in the "Secret Line"--agents and couriers bringing information from the North to Richmond--but was responsible for tactical intelligence operations, including communications intercept (Signals Intelligence), the development of weapons (the Torpedo Bureau) and the procurement of weapons and warships abroad.

The Camp's logo is the Confederate Secret Service cipher disk, a device that enabled the encoding and decoding of documents and messages.  The disk was developed by a French cryptographer, Blaise de Vigenere and used 26 shifting alphabets and a key phrase to accomplish encryption and decryption.  The disk was used in all theaters of operations throughout the war.


Today's politically correct crowd says that Confederate soldiers were traitors.  We see it differently!  Outmanned, outgunned--but never outfought--Confederates battled against a homeland invasion and set new standards for bravery, patriotism and honor.

If you want Confederate history, symbols, flags and songs to remain a part of our American culture and you are a male descendant of a Confederate soldier, sailor or marine, we invite you to join us.  Founded in 1896 in Richmond, Virginia, the S.C.V. is a non-political, non-sectarian heritage organization dedicated to preserving the reputations of men like Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Nathan Bedford Forrest--and your great-grandfather!

The Confederate Secret Service Camp 1710 fully adheres to the resolution passed by the Sons of Confederate Veterans in 1989 at the National SCV Reunion & Convention in Oklahoma City which denounces any and all groups whose objective is to promote hate and discrimination based upon race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or national origin.  Membership in the SCV is denied to any person expressing these views and/or who has a connection with any groups such as the KKK, Aryan Nation or any other supremacist organization.

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