Here you can download copies of the Scientists & Engineers for America (SEA) newsletter.

National Chapter
The first national newsletter, edited by Michelle Kadnar of NYU, focuses on energy. The articles are culled from multiple SEA chapters (including our own).

Yale Chapter
Our Winter 2008-2009 issue, co-edited by Mayra Garcia and Kristen Kohler, includes a report from D.C. about President Obama's inauguration, a guide to the recently passed stimulus bill, and an overview of the new administration's appointees to the nation's top science and technology positions. Also make sure to check out the latest chapter news and our upcoming events!

Our inaugural issue was organized by Kristen Kohler and is a compilation of interesting science policy news stories from the preceding few months, as well as original contributions from our members. The latter include personal experiences in the policy sector, an update on ScienceDebate2008, and a report on the new HPV vaccines available from Yale Student Health Services.