Our Jonathan apples are a deep red and have always been our most popular. They are great for pie making, applesauce, caramel apples, cinnamon apples or just plain eating. They have a crisp tart taste.





Our second most popular are Golden Delicious. These are a golden color with a slight red blush. They are becoming very popular for pie making and applesauce as they require less sugar because of their sweetness. Golden also are great in apple salads.


The third type of apple that is quickly closing in on the Golden are the Red Delicious. Most people do not cook with these, but they are just like their name – very sweet and delicious.



The most recent addition to the orchard are Gala apples. Gala's are a very versatile apple that can be used for eating or baking.



Our final type of apple is called Criterions. These look like a "delicious", but have a much smoother skin. Even though some cook with them, they are mostly enjoyed as a crisp, good keeper apple. They are a greenish yellow color.


We have a limited number of concord grapes available. They make excellent Jams. Are a great additive to grape Kool Aid after being processed.