Helpful Math Links  This website has students/instructors showing examples of how to do specific math problems according to math topic. You would want to choose the course you are taking, and then pick whichever topic you are currently studying. For example, there is a ”factoring" section for students studying factoring in Algebra and a "limits" section for Calculus students.  This website has a man named Salman Khan doing OVER 1000 video tutorials for multiple subjects, including Math. The website has a ton of links on it, though, so a student may spend a bit of time finding the video they want.

The site is similar to in that it hosts hundreds of free math tutorial videos. As opposed to the Khan site, this site is for "Just Math Tutoring," (hence the JMT is the url). You can find videos on Arithmetic, Algebra, Calculus,and other math subjects that explain the topics, and show examples. 

There is tutor help available that you can access through the Solano County Library. If you have a library card (it counts if you have one from our library) students can go to and then:

      1)  In the lower right corner they click on Live Homework Help (this help is currently available everyday from 1pm-       10pm).

      2)  At this point you need to put in your library information (library card number, last name, last four digits of phone number).

      3)  Click on College Center

      4)  Choose Math.

The Math Page, which can be found at, has a complete course in Skill in Arithmetic and Skill in Algebra, along with material for other courses. On this site you will find examples, and extra practice problems, which can be checked. Wolfram|Alpha is a computational knowledge engine: it generates output by doing computations from its own internal knowledge base, instead of searching the web and returning links. Information about Wolfram Alpha can be found by clicking here.