LEED Projects 

LEED is the green building rating system established by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). It seeks to promote healthful, durable, affordable, and environmentally sound practices in building design and construction. Each building is given a rating of Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum based on the number of points it earns by qualifying for credits. The credits are divided into seven categories: sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy & atmosphere, materials & resources, indoor environmental quality, innovation in design, and regional priority.

All seven of SBM's principals and one electrical engineer are LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED AP). SBM has 23 LEED projects in its repertoire: 2 Registered, 6 Certified, 13 Silver, and 2 Gold. 

Akron Public Schools McEbright Community Learning Center

Akron, Ohio 

Scheeser Buckley Mayfield provided mechanical and electrical engineering services for a new 54,000 square feet learning center. The building included office space, lobby, classrooms, assembly area and kitchen area. The HVAC system has a geothermal system, including a ground source heat pump system. High efficiency extended range ceiling-mounted heat pumps were utilized to condition space individually. The project earned a LEED Silver status. 

Akron Public Schools Windemere Community Learning Center

Akron, Ohio 

Scheeser Buckley Mayfield provided mechanical and electrical engineering services for a new two-story, 56,000 square feet learning center. The building included office space, two-story lobby, library, classrooms, assembly area and kitchen area. The electrical system is a utility source with emergency generator for backup power. Electrical includes addressable fire alarm system, telecommunications, and complies with OSFC requirements. Classroom lighting is programmed to dim as the ambient light increases to maintain 50 foot candles throughout the day. When the classrooms are unoccupied, the lights will turn off. The building holds a LEED Silver status.

Akron Zoo - Komodo Kingdom

Education Center
Akron, Ohio 

Scheeser Buckley Mayfield designed the HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection systems for a new 35,000 square feet, $9.3 million education building. This building has several different areas including animal exhibits, a full-service kitchen, and conference space. This building is a LEED Certified green building, with many environmentally conscious materials and practices. Green features included a ground source heat pump HVAC system, displacement ventilation and waterless urinals. SBM also performed the LEED required commissioning for the project. LEED Certified in 2007, this project was the first LEED building in Summit County and only the third zoo in the nation at that time to achieve a LEED status. 

Aultman Compassionate Care Center

Canton, Ohio

Scheeser Buckley Mayfield designed the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems of this extended care hospice facility. This building recieved a LEED Silver status. Some of the sustainable features are a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) HVAC system, low\no flow plumbing fixtures, and full building commissioning. Special attention was paid to other sustainable features of the building even though they may not have contributed to LEED points. The building is 24,000 square feet and will house 12 patient beds. SBM also performed the fundamental prerequisite LEED commissioning for this project. Electrically, the LEED certification puts a large emphasis on lighting efficiency, automatic lighting shut-off, and light pollution. Special effort was taken to select luminaires that would complement the styling of the architecture, but not compromise the energy goals of the project. The lighting control system employs use of occupancy sensors and digital lighting controls for all non-health care and non-24/7 spaces to give the owner flexibility in building schedules and to save energy when spaces are unoccupied. Due to frequent power outages at this site, an emergency generator system was designed to serve 100% of the building.

Ohio State University Cunz Hall

Columbus, Ohio

Scheeser Buckley Mayfield provided commissioning services for the renovation of Cunz Hall on The Ohio State University Campus. The commissioning services include all LEED enhanced services (HVAC, domestic water, lighting control system), as well as the building envelope and elevators. The project earned a LEED Silver status. SBM worked with the owner and design team from the early project design. Scheeser Buckley Mayfield provided documentation and confirmation that the facility meets or exceeds the functional and performance requirements as stated in the owner’s project requirements and in the Design Intent Document, and as required to obtain LEED enhanced certification.

St. Elizabeth Urology Center of Excellence

Youngstown, Ohio

Scheeser Buckley Mayfield designed the mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems for a new 13,400 square feet medical office building containing various exam rooms, waiting rooms, nurse stations, CT scanner, and a linear accelerator. The project received a LEED Silver status. The plumbing systems utilize low-flow faucets, shower heads, toilets, and urinals to reduce water consumption. The HVAC systems utilize multiple packaged rooftop air handling units with digital scroll compressors and high efficiency condensing boilers to reduce energy consumption. The air systems are variable air volume using heating water from the boilers to provide heating and maintain minimum airflow requirements. Occupancy sensors are tied into the building automation system to reduce airflow during unoccupied periods of time. Carbon dioxide sensors are installed in highly occupied areas to control outdoor airflow to maintain minimum ventilation requirements.

Cleveland Public Schools Louise Mae Alcott Elementary School - Silver

Hattie Larlham Hattie’s Gardens Akron Food Hub - Certified                                                        

Kent State University Center for Visual Art - Silver               

Kent State University Harbourt Hall - Gold

Kent State University Heer Hall - Silver                                                                                               

Kent State University Koonce Hall - Silver                                                                           

Kent State University Leebrick Hall - Certified                                                                                   

Kent State University Twinsburg Regional Academic Center -Silver

Kent State University Wright Hall Renovations - Certified

Marshall University Applied Engineering Building – Gold

ODMH North Coast Behavioral Center - Certified 

OSU OARDC Agricultural Engineering Building - Silver                             

OSU Sullivant Hall - Certified                                                     

Ohio University Grover Center Expansion - Silver                                                                             

University of Toledo Medical Center 3rd Floor Renovation - Silver


Chesapeake Energy Regional Headquarters  

Lake High School/Middle School