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SBIRS Geostationary (GEO)satellite model (with stand) ADVANCED

Higher fidelity LEGO® model of the SBIRS GEO-1-4 satellite.  Articulating antenna wings and rotating solar arrays.  More realistic depiction of supporting sensors and devices and 41 bricks (31%!) more than the BASIC model version.  Apx 13" from solar arrap tip to tip, 6 3/4" to the end of the lightshade flap, and 5 1/2" tall.  Includes stand.
184 bricks.

 SBIRS Geostationary (GEO)satellite model (with stand) BASIC

LEGO® model of the SBIRS GEO-1-4 satellite.
143 bricks.
 DSP Model (with stand)

LEGO® model of the DSP Block 14 satellite.
124 bricks

 SBIRS Highly Elliptical Orbit (HEO) Payload

LEGO® model of the HEO Payload.  Rotates around the azimuth and elevation axes.
66 bricks.

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