Considerations for Plot Applicants

Before you apply for a plot there are various factors to consider :

  • Do you have the time to spend on a plot – will friends or family help ?
  • Is the site near where you live ? If there is any distance you may not feel inclined to spend the odd time to do that extra bit of weeding or digging that is needed to keep your plot in good condition ?
  • Are you prepared to spend the energy on digging and clearing weeds to prepare your plot ?
  • Have you got the commitment ? It may take 9 months to grow vegetables. Will you be around to nurture your crops or to do the weeding while your crops grow ? If weeds are left it will destroy your vegetables and on other plots as well ?

If you are still interested :

You will find the application form on the "Document" page, please complete and return to the e-mail address or for further information contact.    (Copy e-mail address into your e-mail).

Please make sure that you understand what the plots are like – 

* How big the plots are and therefore how much work is required.

* How easy they are to manage (good/bad soil, type of weeds etc.).

* What restrictions there on the site (sheds/greenhouses allowed etc.) that you are interested in.

The results can be very satisfying when you harvest your own fresh crops - the taste is out of this world, but in the reverse there can be disappointments due to seeds not germinating, not enough rain, too much rain and I am sure that you can think of others. 

When at last you are informed there is a plot available please make sure that you arrange with the Site Secretary to see the plot and hear all the down sides as well as the good. In this way we hope that you will be with us for many years to come.