About Us

Stafford Organisation

Stafford Borough Horticultural Committee is composed of at least one representative from each of the 20 Allotment Sites in the Stafford Borough. The Committee meet every quarter to discuss the activities and requirements of the sites.

The Trustees are voted in from the Committee and are responsible for the overall management of Stafford sites to Stafford Borough Council.

Site Management

Each site is governed by a voluntary site committee, containing up to 3 executive members. The committee is voted for each year at the Annual General Meeting and is answerable to the Stafford Borough Council Horticultural Trustees Management Committee. Each site is run based upon the Constitution and Rules which have been constructed by the site committee and agreed with the Trustees. 


The size of plots, access to water and rules governing the erection of Greenhouses, sheds etc are different from site to site.

Annual Subscriptions

The annual subscriptions are made up as follows :

  • Trustees Plot rent - levied by the Stafford Borough Council Horticultural Trustees Management Committee.
  • Water Charge - based upon the water used on that site, during the previous year and shared between all plots.
  • Third party insurance - protects the plotholder from any accident claim against them. 
  • Association Fee - Charge levied by the Association to be retained by the site to support site maintenance and any other project designated by the Site Committee.

 The money is collected by the individual site and all but the Association Fee is paid to the Trustees to meet costs associated with all Stafford Borough Allotment Sites.

The costs of major Projects agreed with the Trustees are generally met by the finances available to the Trustees.