Wildwood Allotments


Introduction to the Site

Site Location

We are a relatively small allotment site situated at the back of the Wildwood estate opposite the top end of Barnfield Way (below the big horse-chestnut tree). The car park there follows a roadway down to the main metal entrance gate for vehicular access and should be only used to drop off or pick up from the plot. The Site is surrounded by a chestnut fence and thorn hedging.

Site Management

The site is governed by a voluntary site committee of about 12 plotholders, containing 3 executive members. The committee is voted for each year at the Annual General Meeting and is answerable to the Stafford Borough Council Horticultural Trustees Management Committee. The AGM takes place about the middle of March each year, when the annual subscriptions are collected.

Plot Details

The site has over 35 full plots, of approximately 260 sq yards each. Some of the plots are cultivated towards organic requirements but we do not dictate the cultivation required as long as this does not affect other plotholders. We have a restriction in the rules that no sheds or buildings are allowed. Due to the length of the waiting list we have split each plot into half and will only allow future plotholders to rent a half plot (half plots measure approximately 4 x 32 yds). Each half plot has access to a water stand pipe. The site water is available from about April to October, depending upon how mild the weather is.

Annual Subscriptions

The annual subscriptions are made up as follows :

  • Trustees Plot rent  levied by the Stafford Borough Council Horticultural Trustees Management Committee.
  • Water Charge        based upon the water used during the previous year and shared between all plots.
  • Insurance               Third party insurance which protects the plotholder from any accident claims against them. 
  • Association Fee      Charge levied by the Association to be retained by the site to support site maintenance and any other project designated by the Site Committee.

 The approximate annual rent is £35 for a full plot and about £25 for a half plot. This money is collected and accounted for by our treasurer.

 Seed Orders

Each October we receive seed catalogues from a supplier, which are distributed by the committee to the plotholders. The plotholder then orders through the Association and receives various discounts – 40% for flower & vegetable seeds and 10% from a variety of other items.

The Association keeps any excess of 40%, which depends upon the value of seed orders processed. This excess is then used for prize money in the competition.