About our club

The Savannah River Rangers meet the 3rd Sunday of each month at the Mid-Carolina Rifle Club near Columbia, SC.

The Savannah River Rangers is a SASS affiliated club dedicated to keeping the spirit of the Old West alive and providing a safe, fun, family oriented shooting environment.

New shooters and visitors are always welcome. We invite folks who are curious about Cowboy Action Shooting to come out and watch a match or maybe even shoot a stage or two. 

We usually shoot six stages, so you will need approximately 60 rds of pistol ammo, 60 rounds of rifle ammo, and a box of shotgun shells for the match.  The Match Safety Briefing is at 9:30, and we try to start shooting by 10:00.  Entry fee is $12.  Buckaroos, Juniors, and "first time" Cowboy Action Shooters may shoot for FREE.  There will also be free drinks and snacks available to keep you refreshed.

We have two *alternate categories:

The Wild Bunch - shoot all stages with a 1911 .45, a '97 pump  shotgun, and any SASS legal main match rifle. 

Dale Evans - This is for ladies who may not be able to withstand the recoil of a shotgun due to medical or other reasons.  They may shoot all stages with pistols and rifle, but skip the shotgun targets. 

*Shooters in alternate categories will not be eligable for Overall Match Winner, but certificates will be awarded for rankings within categories.

September overall cowboy - Kid Ray
                overall cowgirl - Sue Render
Clean shooters: Red Belly and Surly Dave 
Upcoming Events, News, and Information:
Cooler weather has arrived. Looking forward to seeing everyone in their cowboy clothes.

Setup for October match will be Saturday (10-20-2012)immediately following the Steel Challenge match (approx. 2:00pm). Helpers shoot for 1/2 price.

 Monthly Shoot:   9:30am Safety Meeting
   October 21, 2012
   November 18, 2012
Stages for upcoming match - see sidebar! Same as last month since it was rained out.

Match fees are  $12.00.

For Guns, Accessories, and Action Work 
     The Target Shop, Inc.
       280 Green Hills Drive
       Gilbert, SC 29054
       (803) 892-2812