Dr.Triveni Rajashekar Mandlimath

Ph.D. Dissertation title: Synthesis and Photocatalytic Investigation of Nano Metal Oxides

MSc in Chemistry, kuvempu university, shankaraghatta,karnataka.

BSc in Physics-Chemistry-Mathematics, Government First Grade College, Hosadurga, karnataka.

Tamil Nadu, India.

Dr. M. Sathishkumar

MSc in Chemistry, Presidency College, University of Madras, Chennai-05, India.

BSc in Chemistry, periyar arts and science college, cuddalore, India.

+91 9003242281

Currently Working: Postdoctoral Fellow at Mexico.

Ph.D. Dissertation title: C-H Functionalization, Synthesis and Studies of Ligands for Fluorescent Chiral Discrimination of alpha amino acids and alpha hydroxy acids

Dr. B. UmamaheshMSc in Chemistry, VIT University, Tamil Nadu, India.

BSc in Microbiology-Zoology-Chemistry, SGS Arts College - Tirupathi, India.

+91 9790115974

Ph.D. Dissertation title: Synthesis and Photophysical Studies of Pyrazolinopiperidines, Phenanthridines, Imidazo[1,2-A] pyridines and Quinolines - Applications in Sensors and OLEDs

Dr. V. Sathesh

PhD in Synthetic Chemistry, VIT University, Vellore-632014, India.

MSc in Chemistry, VIT University, Tamil Nadu, India.

BSc in Chemistry, Muthurangam Government arts college, Vellore, India.

Currently Working: Postdoctoral Fellow at NISER, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, India

Ph.D. Dissertation title: Reactivity of cyclododecanone in aldol sequences and Mannich-type reactions and N- aminomethylation of pyrrolidinone derivatives in one-pot manner”

Dr. G.Ramachandran

JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow at Nagoya University, Japan (2015-2018).

PhD in Synthetic Chemistry, VIT University, Vellore-632014, India (2009-2014).

MSc in Chemistry, Presidency College, University of Madras, Chennai-05, India (2007-2009).

BSc in Chemistry, Sacred Heart College, Thiruvalluvar University, Tirupattur, India (2004-2007).

Mobile No: +91 7708999742, +81 8094931786


Currently Working: KTP Associate at University of Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Ph.D. Dissertation title: “Design, synthesis, biological and photophysical studies of lactams, [1, 3] oxazines, quinolines, and triazatricyclo [, 6] dodecanes: Mechanistic Insights and DFT calculations”

Dr. N.S. Karthikeyan,

Assistant Professor in Eswari Engineering College (affiliated to Anna University, Chennai)

Tamil Nadu, India,

Mail: ; Mobile: 9894740738

Ph.D. Dissertation title: One-Pot Synthesis, Structural Confirmation and Biological Studies of Phenanthridines, Azabicycles, Cycloalkanones and Oxazines.

Visiting Scholar

  • Ombeline Danton; National School of Chemistry of Clermont-Ferrand ( ENSCCF ), France

Project title: Synthesis, conformation analysis and biological evolution of heterocyclic systems.


  • George Ferandaz,

Project title: Studies on Novel Multiple Claisen Rearrangement of Oxy Vs Thio Vs Seleno ethers.

Master of Philosophy

  • Mrs.Shanthi,

M.Phil. Dissertation title: Synthesis and conformational analysis of 5-aryl-7,8,13,14-tetrahydrodibenzo[a,i]phenantheridines and 2,4- diaryl-6,7-benzo-3-azabicyclo[3.3.1]nonan-9-ones

Master of Science

  • P.V.Poornima,

Dissertation title: Synthesis, characterization and fluorescence studies of 4h-pyrimidobenzazoles.

S.M. Abdul Shakoor,

Dissertation title: Synthesis of phenanthridines and its derivatives from 2-tetralone.

  • T. Satya Sandeep,

Dissertation title: Metallo-organic derivatives of aluminium and zirconium – Synthesis and characterization.

  • Tara Kiran Kurre

Dissertation title: Solvent Effect on the Formation of Phenanthridine Derivatives from β-Tetralone.

B. Umamahesh Dissertation title: Synthesis of Hydrazones, Semicarbazones of 1-Benzylpiperidin-4-ones and its derivatives.

+91 9790115974

V. Sathesh

Dissertation title: Synthesis and characterization of 2-Benzylcyclododecanones and its derivatives

  • B. Lavanya

Dissertation title: Cyclization of Cycloalkanone and its derivatives

  • T.Madheswari

Dissertation title: Behavior of N- Cholorosuccinimide towards Diphenyl selenide –A kinetic study

  • R.Suseela

Dissertation title: Oxidation of S-Phenylmercaptoacetic acid by N-Chloronicotinamide

  • C.Pavithra

Dissertation title: Correlation analysis on the rate data of EDTA catalyzed oxidation of S-Phenylmercaptoacetic acid by Cr(VI)