UEL BabyDevLab is re-open for studies!

We are very pleased to announce that the Gold Command Committee at UEL approved our research programme to begin again from 1st June 2020!

Our research programmes at the UEL BabyDevLab have been adapted so that all sessions are carried out in line with current government regulations relating to COVID-19. If you are interested in taking part, we will send you a detailed information sheet explaining what will be involved in the programme, including our new regulations. Specifically:

• Full PPE is worn by researchers at all times during the session.

• All equipment and toys are carefully disinfected between sessions.

• All researchers and participants are encouraged to travel by private transport to the BabyDevLab; taxis are available for participants if needed.

• Only 'low-risk' researchers and participants take part.

• Social distancing is observed throughout the session, wherever possible - although there are a couple of moments within the session where we are measuring the baby's brain activity where this isn't possible (more information will be sent through to you about this).

If you have a baby (particularly one aged 10-14 months) and would like to come and take part in a study, we would love to hear from you. Visits to the lab are generally a fun and engaging day out, and even with the new restrictions we can make things fun and enjoyable!

While other baby things are still reopening, taking part in the study can be a fun, and safe, way to get out of the house!

In particular, we are actively recruiting 10-14-month-old babies at the moment for a study that involves:

• you and your infant will visit us once a week, for seven weeks.

• the first and last session will take place with two researchers, and will last around two hours. In these sessions we will record brain activity from you and your infant at the same time, whilst you are engaged in activities with your child.

• the five other sessions will take place with one researcher, and will last around 40 minutes. These sessions may involve a one-on-one parent training session with a researcher, or your child may be sat on your lap watching some animated displays. The aim of the study is to look at whether what you do during these one-one-one sessions affects your shared parent-child brain activity during the first and last sessions.

We will explain more about the study if you are interested. We can offer a small reimbursement of £50 for participating parents, cover taxis fares, and provide snacks and drinks during your visit.

Instructions on how to get to us can be found here.

If you are interested in taking part, or know someone who might be, please contact dev@uel.ac.uk with your name and your child's date of birth.

Below are some photos of parents and children visiting the lab in pre-COVID days...!