Modern childhood

Childhood even two hundred years ago was a time of improvised games based on limited resources. You might be friends with the children on your street - but a town 10 miles away was a far-off land. Today, our children can consume countless streams of information, from anywhere in the world, at the touch of a button. Constantly stimulated, they demand ever more complex and information-rich forms of entertainment.

Year by year we are growing more intelligent as a species. A child of mid-level intelligence born today would, if placed in an equivalent classroom in 1970, have been in the top 15% of their class. But children are increasingly reporting more negative emotions such as stress and anxiety too. The likelihood of agreeing with statements such as ‘I worry more than I’d like to’ has increased rapidly in recent years.

In this talk, Dr Sam Wass presents scientific research into how the modern world is affecting the emotions that children experience, and how they think and learn.

Below is a sample of sample of Sam talking on a similar theme, at TEDx: