Talks and Keynotes

I have given talks for non-scientific audiences in the main house of the Royal Institution, as well as for the Royal Institution internationally (France, Kazakhstan).

I have also given talks in a range of corporate settings, including conference keynotes for companies such as Water Babies, educational organisations such as Optimus Education, the Training Partnership, Osiris Educational and PACEY as well as educational charities such as the Sutton Trust and Teach First.

I am able to offer talks on a range of themes related to childrens’ development, ranging from 20 minutes to 3 hours, on topics such as:

Does technology rot your brain?

If you read the newspapers, you'd think that computer games 'stunt teen brains' and that the internet has made us all stupid and lazy. In this talk Dr Sam Wass looks behind the headlines at the scientific evidence and investigates whether these technologies really are damaging our brains.

This talk is suitable for educators, parents, and children down to 12 years.

Can’t concentrate? Some solutions for the scatterbrained

Why do some children find it easier to concentrate than others do? Why are some things, such as TV, easier to concentrate on than others, such a reading a book? And why are certain places harder to concentrate in than others?

In this talk I describe research into how concentration works, and suggest some practical tips to help children who have problems concentrating.

This talk is suitable for educators, parents, and teenagers.