Parish Groups

Our Parish does not have a formal Parish Pastoral Council, but the Parish Priest appointed some parishioners to form The Parish Team and The Finance Team to help him with the administration of all Parish resources.

To know more about what Canon Law 536 stipulates about Parish Pastoral Councils, please click here.

A sample Constitution document is also available to download at the foot of this page.

The current Terms of Reference of the Parish Team and the Finance Team are also available to download at the foot of this page.

The Parish Team:

The Parish Team is an independent advisory body whose members are appointed by the Parish Priest to support him in his decision making concerning the day to day running of the Parish. This includes Social and Spiritual planning, also Church building maintenance and development. These members essentially represent various Groups in the Parish.

The Parish Team meet regularly throughout the year and every parishioner is invited to submit written suggestions and/or questions on any Parish matter which they wish the Team to consider for discussion. A box is provided in the Porch of the church for this purpose. The date of each meeting is published in the newsletter at least two weeks prior to any meeting.

The next meeting of the Parish Team is scheduled to take place on

Tuesday 12th January 2016

The Finance Team:

The Finance Team is also appointed by the Parish Priest who selects parishioners with appropriates skills to offer him support in carrying out his duties regarding the Parish finances. This includes forward planning, management accounting and budgetary controls and reporting on the finances to The Diocese.

The Finance Team meet regularly throughout the year and every parishioner is invited to submit written suggestions and/or questions on any Parish matter which they wish the Team to consider for discussion. A box is provided in the Porch of the church for this purpose. The date of each meeting is published in the newsletter at least two weeks prior to any meeting.

The Fundraising Team:

As social events are essential to the life of a Parish, The Fundraising Team consists of volunteer Parishioners who meet and plan various events during the year giving generously of their time, skills and energy to organise Quiz Nights, Pamper Events, Auctions, Raffles and any other event that will contribute to the Parish efforts of raising much needed funds.


The Parish Liturgy Group was formed to support the Parish Priest in the delivery of the Liturgy and to coordinate the different Ministries that assist in the Liturgy.  

Representatives from people involved with Reading, Altar Serving, Eucharistic Ministers, Musicians, Catechists and Children’s Liturgy were invited.  The group focuses particularly on Special Services, such as at Christmas, Easter, Reconciliation Services and the monthly vigils, but also discusses the regular Sunday and daily Liturgies. 

The Group is also responsible for devising and overseeing training for the various Ministries.  The current members are Josie Ryder, Mavis Westbrook, Alfredo and Tricia De Vergori, Martin Smith, Trisha Mineham (representing the congregation at St Benedict's Mass Centre), Catherine Law, Elaine Davey, John Morris and Liz Simmons. If anyone has anything they would like discussed at the Group's meetings, please see one of these people (Trisha is available at St. Benedict’s).  Notes from the most recent meeting will be displayed on the church notice board.

One of the items which the Group will be discussing is the Evangelisation initiative called "Proclaim '15" being launched this year (2015) to support, inspire and encourage new expressions of Parish Evangelisation. 

The next meeting of the Liturgy Group is scheduled to take place


 Friday 29th January 2016


The Welcome ministry is more than just handing out hymn books.

Our group of Welcomers greet everyone at the entrance to the church and is the first point of contact for newcomers to our Parish. They give out information about the various Groups and Organisations that exist in our Community and they invite all Mass attendants to get together socially after Mass to share companionship and friendship in a "family" atmosphere over a cup of tea or coffee.

It is hoped that everyone coming to Mass at our church will experience a sense of belonging to the Greater Family of God and will join in the many social activities and Liturgical Ministries available to all.

To find out more about the Ministry of Welcome please click here 


A Call To Action is a group of Catholics, some of whom are ordained, brought together by our love of Christ's Church and our anxiety about its future. Still inspired by the Second Vatican Council we want to contribute fully to the life of our Church so we may be a more effective sign of the Kingdom of God. To do this, we believe that an atmosphere of openness and dialogue both with each other and with our Bishop needs developing. We desire to help create a climate of trust and respect for all where this dialogue may be fostered. To know more about ACTA, please visit our website by clicking here.

Justice and Peace

If you are interested to find out more about Justice and Peace please contact our Parish representative: John Caruana who attends meeting at The Hermitage on a quarterly basis for the Kent Area Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation. You can also visit their site by clicking  here.

Medway Inter Faith Action

If you are interested to find out more about the Medway Inter Faith Action group, please contact our Parish representative: John Caruana who attends regular meetings or you can visit their site by clicking here.

Interdenominational Prayer Group
(information to follow)

Catholic Faith Exploration (Ca.F.E.)
and Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A.)

We run a programme called "Catholic Faith Exploration" (CaFE) for anyone who is interested in becoming a Catholic or for anyone just interested in finding out more about the Church.

Those who attend the programme have a chance to join the Church, usually at Easter, through the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) as part of the programme.

Glad to be Grey

We are a social group for people over 55 years of age, from eight churches in the Walderslade area, who would like to socialise with others.

We run a two week holiday which includes outings, talks on various subjects, lunches, games afternoons, quizzes, boat trips, church services, coastal trips, etc.

If you live alone or are not able to take a holiday or get out much, then this is your chance to do just that, without going away. We also arrange events about once a month, at one of the churches.

Some people have met up with old friends and some have made new friends.

You are welcome to come and join us. For more information contact Teresa Mazza via the Parish Office. 

We actively work in the Parish, offering support to other Parish groups, our two primary schools and we are keen to establish links with other Church projects locally and nationally. The Walderslade UCM currently has 20 members and our meetings include guest speakers, fundraising initiatives and lively debate. 2014 marked the 100th Anniversary of the Union of Catholic Mothers nationally and we attended a number of events to mark this occasion. The UCM banner is displayed at the back of St Simon’s Church and we use it for any National or Regional events as well as at Mass.
Our Walderslade foundation, established in mid 70s, meets on the first Tuesday of every month in Emmaus Hall at 8.00pm. Our UCM family not only help in the Parish, but we also feel it is important to take time out for social activities together, thereby strengthening lasting relationships. New members, whatever your age, are always welcome. Please contact the Parish Office for more details.

The Knights of St Columba:

The Order of The Knights of St Columba exists to support the mission of the Roman Catholic Church and at the same time to work for the spiritual, intellectual and material welfare of its members and their families.

The Order is an organised body of Catholic Men, giving its entire loyalty to the Holy See, to the Hierarchy and the Clergy in all things apportioning to the Catholic Faith. We help our Parish Priest and other Parish Organisations i.e. the Union of Catholic Mothers in carrying out practical work in the Parish.

By doing so it is pledged to support its members in their vocation and mission as Catholics and in spreading the Gospel for the conversion of souls and the growth of the Church.

Realising it is part of the Universal Church, the Order is further pledged to co-operate with other organisations local, national and international min the furtherance of these objectives.

In accordance with the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church, members of the Order will diligently work for the moral and social welfare of their Country and in particular to help young people develop in the likeness of Christ.

Members of the Order will aim to achieve these objectives through the fundamental virtues of Charity, Unity and Fraternity.

The Apostleship of The Sea

I am a ship visitor for the "Apostleship of the Sea" also known as "Stella Maris". The AoS is a Catholic charity that ministers to seafarers worldwide. Many of the crews of Merchant Ships come from third world Countries because they are much cheaper to employ (and exploit, in some cases). I visit in the Medway area and sometimes out to the Isle of Grain or Sheppey. As you may know, once a year there is a second collection on "Sea Sunday" - the proceeds are the main funds that keep AoS going. If you would like more information on The Apostleship of The Sea or how to get involved, please contact Bob Bushnell through the Parish Office.


The Catenian Association

The Catenian Association is an international association of Catholic men who meet together, socially, at least once a month in local Circles for friendship, fellowship and support. The Medway Towns Circle of the Catenian Association covers an area from Gravesend to Rainham and meets at the Holiday Inn Hotel, on Maidstone Road, Chatham.

The main aim of the Catenian Association is social. Regular social functions are organised for members and their wives, families and friends, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The Association is not a charity, although some donations to local charities are generated at social functions. Four parishioners at St. Simons are members, and, if you are interested in joining them, please ring Steve Duxbury on 01634 862125

The Scouts:

The 14th Medway Scouts/Cubs/Beavers meets every Thursday from 5.45pm onwards during term times only.

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact Sandra on 01634 682201

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