Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist


We have several Eucharistic Ministers in the Parish, helping the Priest to give out the Holy Communion at Sunday Masses and taking Communion to those who are housebound, thus bringing the celebration of the Sunday Mass by the community to those parishioners unable to take part. If you know of any parishioner who is unable to get to Mass through sickness or advanced age and wishes to receive Holy Communion at home, please contact the Parish Priest to make the necessary arrangements. Those to whom Holy Communion is taken are encouraged, if they are able, to prepare a small table with a white cloth and an ignited candle as a form of altar.
Eucharistic Ministers are invited to attend a "Day of Recollection" every year and they should renew their commitment annually.

Altar Server

The Medal of the Guild of St Stephen.
In the centre, the letters XP are the first two letters of the name 'Christ' in Greek. At the top is the crown of victory given by God to everyone who overcomes evil, especially those who die for him. At the bottom are the palm branches, traditional signs of martyrs who died for Christ.

Around the edge are the Latin words of the Guild motto: 


In our Parish, a group of boys and girls regularly serve during Mass to assist the Priest in the celebration of the Liturgy. Anyone who has made their Holy Communion is eligible to become an Altar Server. Full training is given and all items required are provided. A special handbook for Altar Servers can be purchased from the Repository in the porch of the church at £3.50 per copy.

You can click here to be directed to the Guild of St Stephen's home page to view their latest news of current events and details.


Reading at weekend Masses is one of the most important ways in which the laity can participate in the liturgy of the Church. We have many readers, but new Ministers of the Word are always welcome.

Readers proclaim the "Word of God" at Mass. They are encouraged to study the readings beforehand and to attend the annual "Day of Recollection" with the Eucharistic Ministers. Like the Eucharistic Ministers they also renew their commitment every year. We value the services of our readers highly and, if you would like to be a reader, or would like further information, please contact the Parish Office.

Catechists for Children’s Liturgy and Sacramental Catechesis

During the 11am Mass on Sunday Morning, children who have not yet started to prepare for the Sacrament of Reconciliation are encouraged to join the ‘Children’s Liturgy’ group. This group is led by Catechists who prepare interesting ways to teach the children about the Readings of the Day. The children leave the Church with the Catechists at the start of Mass and go into the Emmaus Parish Hall, returning at the Offertory bringing with them whatever they have been doing. The Catechists are happy for Parents to participate, especially with the very young children. It is important to accompany your child on their first time with the group, to introduce yourself and child to the Catechists. Information about Sacramental Catechesis can be found under the relevant Sacrament.

Church Choir and Music

The Choir at St Simon Stock Church is a traditional one, which sings every Sunday - to lead the Congregation at the 11am Mass. On the second and fourth Sunday of every month we have a Sung Mass. The Liturgical Year gives us the opportunity to sing the greatly loved Easter and Christmas music which does demand great commitment from all our members - learning and practising to ensure the celebrations are a worthy form of praise enjoyed by all. 

We also sing at all other parish events such as First Holy Communions, Confirmations and the Advent Carol Services. The Choir is also available to sing at Funerals and Weddings, Josie Ryder will discuss/advise on appropriate details. The choir rehearse every Thursday evening at 8pm for about an hour in the church. We are a very friendly group always ready to welcome new members. If you would like to join us, there is no audition process and you don’t need to read music, please speak to Josie Ryder our Choir Mistress after the 11am Mass on Sunday or on 07915601076.

Using your singing voice to praise God is - “to pray twice”! 

Flower Arranging


There is a small group of people who enjoy arranging the church flowers, which they do for the major festivals of Easter and Christmas and other important events in the Church’s year, e.g. First Holy Communions and Confirmations. The group is also available for hire to arrange the flowers for Weddings, Baptisms etc. at a reasonable charge plus the cost of the flowers. 


The Sacristan ensures that the Sacristy is kept stocked with all the various items needed for the celebration of Services:

Candles and tapers, Incense, Altar wine, Communion wafers, etc. and the Sacristan also ensures that all items needed for the celebration of Mass are available for the priest on every occasion.


A Team of volunteers welcome parishioners at the start of all weekend Masses. They can provide information about our Parish for newcomers and/or for visitors. If you would like to be part of this important Ministry, please contact the Parish Office. Thank you.