Every Parish has to be financially self-supporting, that’s why there is a collection at every Mass. Unfortunately all the money collected this way is not enough to meet the cost of all the Parish expenses plus the cost of maintenance and the necessary building development projects. Therefore all Parishes have to implement a few activities to raise additional funds. In our Parish we have the following schemes and activities, which we invite all friends and parishioners to support: Please visit the "Events" page where all planned activities are displayed.

Alternatively Donations can be made by:
    1 - cheque payable to: St Simon Stock Church and either handed in or send it by
         post to the Parish Office: 5 Bleakwood Road, Walderslade, Kent ME5 0NF.

    2 - Bank transfer: please contact the Parish Office for details. Thank you.

    3 - Leave a bequest in your will.

    4 - Make your online purchases via The Giving Machine. Please see below for more
        information about this important Scheme.

The Giving Machine Scheme

"TheGivingMachine" (as it is known on the Internet) is a charitable organisation who has designed this Scheme specially for people who buy any item online from participating retailers and convert 75% of the commission they receive from the retailer into cash donations for the charity of your choice. The item/s you purchase doesn't cost you any more money than the amount you are already spending to buy your goods.

So when you join as a "Giver" you must nominate St Simon Stock Church as the "Cause" which you wish to benefit from your "donations". There is no joining fee either so by adopting this Scheme and remembering to go via "TheGivingMachine" when you shop online, you unwittingly contribute to our fundraising efforts.

To find out more and/or to join TheGivingMachine Scheme please click here.

The Gift Aid Scheme

When you give money to the Parish through your Offertory collections, please consider signing a "Gift Aid Declaration" in favour of the Parish. This forms an agreement with the Inland Revenue to give to the Parish the Income Tax you have already paid to them on the amount you donate. The form does not want to know how much you will be donating and indeed you may donate as little or as much as you wish, using the special numbered weekly offertory envelopes.
You may also donate by Bankers Order or Cheque, weekly, monthly or annually, please ask the Parish Office for details on how you can do this. All weekly offerings, including most second collections can be "Gift Aided" and also Christmas and Easter offerings to the clergy and regular Mass stipends. It is worthwhile "Gift Aiding" any amount however small, it all adds up! There are no disadvantages joining the scheme and it costs nothing more than what you are already giving. If you are a Tax payer, and most people are, even pensioners, you would be increasing your donation by 25p for every £1.00 that you give. That's why it is important that you join this scheme.

Please download the Gift Aid Declaration Form from the list at the foot of this page and print it, complete the form and hand it in or send it by post to our Parish Office. Thank you.

The Church Lottery (affectionately known as The 100 Club)
Any parishioner over the age of 16 can join this activity by purchasing any amount of lottery numbers at £1 per number per month. At present the numbers are drawn every month with prizes as follows:

1st Prize £50

2nd Prize £25

    At Easter AND at Christmas there are three prizes:
  • 1st Prize £100
  • 2nd Prize £50
  • 3rd Prize £25

However, it is possible that the above prizes could be increased (or decreased) in number or value, dependent on the size of the membership.

To purchase Lottery Numbers please download the 100 Club Form and Rules from the list at the foot of this page and print it, complete the form and hand it in or send it by post to the Parish Office together with your subscription. Subscriptions are normally paid annually, but  can also be paid monthly by Standing Order or Cheque (a sample Standing Order Mandate can be dowloaded from the list at the foot of this page). Thank you

This activity is ongoing all year round. All parishioners are invited to donate Good Quality re-usable clothing, paired shoes, belts, handbags, jewellery, perfumes, and cosmetics ONLY for which we will receive 50p per Kilo. Please DO NOT include underwear, socks, bed linen, towels or curtains. Please place all your items in plastic bags and leave them in the church Hall.

So far this year (Oct 2015) we have raised £190. Thank you for your kind generosity. 

All parishioners are invited to donate good quality goods to make up Christmas Hampers which will form the major Prizes in our Annual Christmas Raffle to be drawn in the first week of December. The collection of donations start in October/November when a collection basket/box will be available in the porch. Please be as generous as you can. Thank you 

The Sale of Hand Crafted Greeting Cards for all Occasions
These are on sale in Emmaus Hall every Sunday after the 11am Mass at St Simon’s and can also be requested and personalised for your special occasions. 

The Sale of Home Made Cakes, Biscuits and Savoury Items
These are also on sale in Emmaus Hall at St Simon’s after the 11am Mass, but at present this takes place only on the second Sunday of each month. 

These are held from time to time in Emmaus Hall after appeals are made for items to be donated. Items can be New or Used and parishioners are invited to attend with the view to bid as much as they can afford for any item they wish, bearing in mind that the auction is for the purpose of raising much needed funds for the Parish and not necessarily to strike a bargain.

The Spring Fair/Christmas Bazar
These event take place in the church grounds and Emmaus Hall and they provide the opportunity for our Parish Community to contribute their skills and talents for the benefit of the whole parish. 

Quiz Night
This is an event that has proved very successful over the years and volunteers are always needed to provide personal support on the night with setting up before hand and clearing at the end of the evening. All are welcome. 

Discos and International Food Evenings
These events are organized separately, of course, and can take place at any time of the year, so please keep an eye on the Parish Newsletter and visit this website regularly as there may be other events that we may adopt from time to time. Indeed if you have any suggestions to make on what we could do to raise money, please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Office and within a short while someone will be in touch with you. 

The only thing we ask of all Parishioners is: SUPPORT for all activities and events! Thank you.
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