Releases (Available)



Nicolas Horvath "Cornelius Cardew Treatise" CD

Cornelius Cardew's Treatise, is interpreted and performed in the framework of Noise / Power Electronics music. France.
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Valefor "Hidden in the Arms of Death" CD

Dismal & Melancholic Black Metal with Depressed Vocals, Turkey.
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ForestGrave "Storm Winds of Nowhere" CD

Cold Black Metal, Ukraine.


Moloch "Der Schein des schwarzesten Schnees" CD

Cold & Suicidal Black Metal, Ukraine.


Emme Ya / Posthuman Tantra "Vortex Ov the Primal Cell" Split CD

Ritual Dark Ambient, Colombia.
Sci-Fi Industrial, Brazil.


Daeva Durzeiriche / Moloch / Saturn Form Essence / MagatsuJuso

"Void" 4 Way Split CD



Kenji Siratori "Dark Nature" CD

Experimental Dark Ambient / Noise, Japan.


Kvele "Dawn of the Impaler" CD

Uncompromising Savage Black Metal, Greece.

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Abismo "Ventos De Eter" CD

Nihilistic Drone Doom / Dark Ambient, Brazil.


Moloch "Isolation der Essenz" CD

Cold & Misanthropic Black Metal / Dark Ambient, Ukraine.

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Malveillance "Consentir a L'absurde" CD

Black Punk Metal Abruptness, Canada.

V.A. "Buried Terror #2" CD

The second volume of compilation series organized by Sabbathid Records featuring 6 bands of Black Metal / Doom / Dark Ambient:

Moloch (Ukr)
Borgne (Che)
Kaalt (Ita)
Kenji Siratori (Jpn)
F.I.N. (Chl)
Congenital Hell (Jpn)


Taarma "Reflecting Hateful Energy (Tribute to Xasthur)" MCD

Misanthropic & Hateful Black Metal, Afghanistan / Pakistan.
A tribute EP with 4 cover versions of Xasthur.


F I N (Funeral Inconscientemente Natural) "La Esperanza que NUNCA se Pierde... Es la de Morir" CD

Funeral Doom-Ambient, Chile.


Misogi "Tofotukami Wemitamafe" CD

Oriental Pagan Black Metal, Japan.


Endless Dismal Moan "Curse of Underground" CD

Dark Ambient & Industrial Black Metal, Japan.



Exetheris / Goat Phallus "Obliteration Conquest Crucifix" split CD

Raw Black Metal & Sick Black Metal, Greece.



Havoc1986 / [C.T.D.] "Split" TAPE

Hateful Harsh Noise, Ukraine.

"End-Time Electronics," Serbia.



Dark Domination "Reign of the Fallen One" MCD

Black Metal, Latvia.

Featuring Dark Ambient tracks by Uruk-Hai.


Remmirath "Polis Rouge" CD

Progressive Black Metal, Slovakia.


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Bonemachine "Erste Rotation (eine Retrospektive von Krieg und Zeit)" 2xCD

Military Industrial / Dark Ambient, Austria.
Double CDs featuring old / unreleased / remixed materials.



Kenji Siratori "Spell of Pain" CDR

Dark Noise created by a creative cyberpunk artist from Japan.


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Malveillance "L'appel du Neant / Le Froid du Nord" CD

Black Metal D-Beat, Canada.



Sinah "Sparkling Scars of Intuitivism" CD

Raw & Cold Black Metal, Ukraine.



Dapnom / Kenji Siratori "Nhir-otkiv Yima'k" Split CD

Ritual Dark Ambient, France.
Hyper Modern Harsh Electronics, Japan.



Noia "Pure Scorn" CD

Black "Necropunx" Metal, Italy.



Sinpularctos "The Voidance of Man" CD

Antihuman Doom Black Metal, UK.



Overhaul In Damnation / Kenji Siratori "Holocaust of Torture" Split CDR

Industrial Death Noise from Singapore.
Dark Noise by a Japanese Cyber-punk artist.



Morte "Irresponsible Misanthropic Existence" MCD

Punk-influenced Disgusting Black Punk, Italy.



Firth Of Damnation / Dagor Dagorath "Split" TAPE

Anti-Religious Atomospheric Black Metal, USA.
Folk Black Metal, Israel.



Heimnar / Beyond the Ninth Wave "Split" TAPE

Raw Heathen Black Metal, USA.
Depressive Black Metal, Canada.



The Dead Musician "Anarcho Black Metal" TAPE

Destructive Punk Black Metal, France.



Ouroboros "Lux Arcana" CD

Esoteric Dark Ambient, Italy.



Beastcraft "Dawn of the Serpent" CD

Traditional Norwegian Black Metal, Norway.
Japanese version including a video of "Burnt at His Alter" under the license from Grom Records.
Available ONLY for Asia / Oceania regions.



Bonemachine featuring Kenji Siratori "Crypt Child" 3 inch CDR

Dark Industrial, Austria. Featuring a Japanese cyber-punk artist, Kenji Siratori.



Elisabetha "Über Das Prinzip Der Unschuld" TAPE

Vampyric Ne(cr)o-Classical, Germany.



Objekt 4 "Mindscars" 2xCD

Industrial Death Ambient, Sweden.
2 CDs unit including "Realms of Rust, Domains of Decay" & "Other Side of Light"


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Dapnom "Makaï" TAPE

Ritual Dark Ambient, France.



JeFF "Infernal Madness" TAPE

Dark Ambient & Industrial, France.


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In Ruins "In the Breath of Wind" TAPE

Raw Heathen Black Metal, USA.


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Bonemachine "Bombardements" 3 inch CD-R

Industrial Ambient, Austria.


Ctanic / Nortavlaggh.377 "Split" TAPE

Blasphemous Primitive Black Metal, USA / Singapore.

Militant War Black Metal, Singapore.


Istidraj "Blasphemous Ritual" TAPE

Raw War Black Metal, Singapore.