2013.04.01 : Change of the Label's Name

Our label name is renamed from Sabbathid Records to Sublime Recapitulation Music.
And we've got a new site URL:

2013.03.16 : Out Now
Nicolas Horvath - Cornelius Cardew Treatise (CD)
Noise / Power Electronics, France.

2012.11.20 : Out Now
Valefor - Hidden in the Arms of Death CD
Dismal & Melancholic Black Metal with Depressed Vocals, Turkey.

2012.10.07 : Out Now
ForestGrave - Storm Winds of Nowhere CD
Cold Black Metal, Ukraine.

2011.09.29 : Out Now

Emme Ya / Posthuman Tantra
- Vortex Ov the Primal Cell (Split) CD

Ritual Dark Ambient, Colombia / Sci-Fi Industrial, Brazil.


- Der Schein des schwarzesten Schnees CD

 Suicidal & Cold Black Metal, Ukraine.

2011.02.25 : Out Now

Daeva Durzeiriche / Moloch / Saturn Form Essence / MagatsuJuso - Void (4 Way Split) (CD)
Four Dark Ambient artists from Japan & Ukraine.

2011.01.30 : Out Now

Kenji Siratori - Dark Nature (CD)
Experimental Dark Ambient / Noise, Japan.

2010.12.01 : Out Now
Kvele - Dawn of the Impaler (CD)
Uncompromising Savage Black Metal, Greece.

Abismo - Ventos De Eter (CD)
Nihilistic Drone Doom / Dark Ambient, Brazil.

2010.10.20 : Out Now
Moloch - Isolation der Essenz (CD)
Cold & Misanthropic Black Metal & Dark Ambient, Ukraine.

2010.09.24 : Out Now
Malveillance - Consentir a L'absurde (CD)
Black Punk Metal Abruptness from Canada.
Split release with Suffering Jesus Productions and New Scream Industry.

2010.07.20 : Out Now

V/A - Buried Terror #2 (CD)
The second volume of the compilation series organized by Sabbathid Records.
Featuring 6 units of Black / Doom / Dark Ambient.

2010.06.o1 : Out Now
Taarma - Reflecting Hateful Energy (Tribute to Xasthur) (MCD)
Misanthropic & Hateful Black Metal from Afghanistan / Pakistan.

2010.05.20 : Out Now
F.I.N. (Funeral Inconscientemente Natural) - La Esperanza que NUNCA se Pierde... Es la de Morir (CD)
Funeral Doom-Ambient from Chile.

2010.03.08 : Out Now
Misogi (身殺) - Tofotukami Wemitamafe (遠ツ神 笑ミ給ヘ) (CD)
Oriental Pagan Black Metal, Japan.

2010.01.25 : Out Now
Endless Dismal Moan - Curse of Underground (CD)
Dark Ambient / Industrial Black Metal, Japan.