SelectaDNA Offer

Special Offer

Cut price DNA security marking kits for Neighbourhood Watch Members.

Marking your postcode on belongings with a UV pen is a very cheap option but is unlikely to really frighten potential thieves. An alternative is marking your property with SelectaDNA, a high-tech forensic solution. Not only is it almost impossible to remove, but the stickers on your windows warning thieves to "stay away" is likely to stop them attempting to break in in the first place.

DNA marking is one of the most effective ways of guarding your property, because it is a proven deterrent to burglars. Where Surrey Police have run DNA property marking campaigns they have seen a significant drop in the number of burglaries. In addition items can be identified as stolen and returned to their owners. SelectaDNA is easy to use and portable if you move home.

Runnymede Neighbourhood Watch Steering Group has arranged a very special price of £18.00 per kit for Neighbourhood Watch Members. To obtain your kit contact a member of the Steering Group, email us at or phone 01483 639937.